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My priority is to learn Korean language. Study Plan for application of KGSP 2018

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Sep 14, 2017   #1
I decided to present my study plan in bullet points form to put it simple. I just wondering if the presentation is alright.
Study plans to improve foreign languages(Korean, English, etc) required for taking a bachelor's degree course
BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea.

KGSP study plan listing

As a beginner for korean language, I will make it priority to learn korean.
With regards to my study plan, I personally think that the listing below gives a clearer picture into my plan of how to ace my learning.

Before arrival, there are plenty of tasks are to be completed even though I am still in my home country.

·First and foremost, I will get a basic language book which will provide me some insight about the structure of Korean grammar.

·Learn some basic terms from the online courses and try to write every word I learned.

·Seeking help from my korean pen pal friends and try to speak the basic phrases with them through online.

·Attend language intensive classes which give me some basic conversation skills and basic vocabularies. This enables me to be able to have simple conversation with the local people upon arrival in case I face with any problem.

·Learn some basic conversation sentences from my friend who is an advanced Korean speaker and had been in Korea before for language course.

·Listen to korean songs as many as I could and at the same time, try to recognise some simple phrases from the songs' lyrics.

·Translate every sentence from daily conversation mentally.

After arrival:

·I will have conversation with the local people as much as I could. Besides that, I will try to communicate with foreign students in Korean language as this will improve my korean communication skills.

·After getting around in the university, I will join the korean language community whereby the students have chance to share their experiences and knowledges among themselves

·Practise makes perfect. By getting all the TOPIK past papers and guidebooks, I will be able to analyse the questions along with the answers thoroughly.

·Through listening the radio programs and the audios, it is guaranteed that I will get used to the way that korean is spoken and able to learn the correct pronunciation.

·During free time, I will meet up with my friends in Korea within the same region in order to share Korean language learning tips if it is possible.

·I am ready to set daily goals by learning at least 10 new basic vocabularies and mathematical terms every day. This enables me to learn approximately 1800 words in 6 months (assuming 30 days per month).

Despite the fact that English is my second language that I have been studying since I was in kindergarten, I still believe in a saying that there is no perfect for everything but to improve it. Besides striving excellent for korean language, I will also do my best to improve my English writing skills by writing blogs which provide some useful information to help others. Furthermore, I will also continue my interest in reading English novels as well as listening to English songs.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,411 4391  
Sep 14, 2017   #2
@frustrated open the essay with a reference to the fact that you will spend all of your time prior to arrival in Korea preparing for your TOPIK test. Mention that you will enroll in Hangul classes upfront and that you will utilize all of your prep time to ensuring the perfection of your Hangul so that you will pass on the first try. Don't use bullet points in your presentation because this is an essay type discussion. Since you will also be expected to work on perfecting a second language, don't neglect to mention that you will simultaneously increase your English knowledge as well. Make your preparations for that just as important as your Hangul prep work. Don't say you will limit yourself to blogging. That is a disservice to the opportunity that you will be given to pursue a serious education. Your outline is nice it is good but needs to be built up into an essay format. That way, you can fully explain your preparation plans and also, develop the English language portion of your language skills development. Your plans are all doable. Just make sure to balance the presentation.
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Sep 14, 2017   #3
Thanks for the guidance! I will take note of your advice and hopefully I'm able to come out with a better one.

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