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How is your program of interest related to sustainable energy

Ebosh 1 / -  
Feb 28, 2019   #1
I would like the members of this group to help me comment on this essay

Energy systems engineering program

How is your program of interest related to sustainable energy development?

Energy System Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with production of energy, energy efficiency, energy utilization, energy management alternative energy sources and energy storage. Sustainable energy is a form of energy that meets our present demand of energy without endangering the ability of future generations to meet their energy needs. Energy systems engineering program deals with training engineers to be able to use energy sources in a way that producing energy through renewables such as solar, wind, micro hydro plant and geothermal wouldn't affect future generations resources to produce energy and would be able to balance the economic, environmental and social life of the people

Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Mar 1, 2019   #2
Nmandi, the response that you gave feels like it was just a cut and paste of various job descriptions and topic discussions from across the web. It does not show a personal interest in the discussion of sustainable energy in relation to your interest in a specific program. Where is the reason for your interest? What is the academic push? The professional goal? Both of which have to relate to the issue of sustainable energy. You successfully described the potential of the program, but you failed to relate it to yourself. That relationship is required. You have to show a keen interest in the program as it relates to sustainable energy. Offer a personal definition or plans for sustainable energy development that does not sound so cut and paste from other sources. You need to show a personal involvement because this current presentation makes you feel so unattached to the topic that requires your response.

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