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Programming is fascinating to me. Essay on motivation, passion and values.

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Nov 22, 2017   #1
Does the essay really answer the prompt correctly? What details should I include and what should I exclude?.. I am still having a problem in choosing a right topic for the essay, what is the best topic for this essay?

Contributions and constructive criticisms will be deeply appreciated.Thanks

Q: We want to hear what motivates you and what you are passionate about. Please write on a topic that is important to you, and reflects who you are/your values.

dedicated to programming

Everyone has something he or she is passionate about and loves to do every time without getting bored, for me it is programming.

My first encounter with programming was in high school. I started out with visual basic and then later on HTML, CSS and C++. I am currently starting out on an online arduino course and it has all been a very wonderful experience. Writing codes gives me a sense of satisfaction, it is one of the things I feel I can do well and enjoy at the same time.

Programming requires a lot of time and dedication. When I first came across it in high school I never thought I could learn it but I started anyway. Hardwork and diligence were my watchword as I began my "hello world" journey. I upheld this values like my life depended on it not only in learning programming but also in my studies.

My hardwork and diligence paid off as I saw considerable progress and improvements compared to when I started out. Seeing progress after watching tons of YouTube videos gave me joy and fueled my passion for programming. Success motivates me; when I record more successes than failures in trying out a particular thing it increases my love and passion for it. This explains my love and passion for coding. However failure fuels my desire to be successful, it offers a unique opportunity to learn from mistakes and develop strength.
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Nov 22, 2017   #2
Ameh, this is not really a passion and motivation topic that you presented. In fact, this is does not relate to the prompt at all. When you are asked about what your passion and what motivates you, try to think of something that you do which you feel helps you to improve a particular aspect of your personality or your community. For instance, you could be passionate about animals rights, which is why you were motivated to join an animal rescue group. That is the sort of thing that you should be thinking about in response to the prompt. Your passion for something should motivate you to become a better person or turn you into a notable member of the community. That way you can easily reflect upon who you are and how your values were created based upon your passion and motivation to succeed at something. The current presentation you have does not allow you to represent such a response. It would be best if you chose a different topic for the prompt and just wrote a new essay that better aligns itself with the prompt requirements.

Home / Scholarship / Programming is fascinating to me. Essay on motivation, passion and values.
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