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The proposed study will contribute to my next career, and my country overall

todo 1 / -  
Mar 16, 2018   #1
How will the proposed study contribute to your career?

drilling and exploration - very important task

Planning for drilling and exploration so it can be run effectively with low cost-effectiveness is the most important thing for investor and government. Indonesia's regulation for upstream oil and gas has been changed from Production Sharing Contract (PSC) to Gross Split. In Gross Split scheme, investor and government will share the profit evenly, which is tighter than PSC scheme for investor. In geothermal, the challenge is high-temperature well, in which advanced technology and special treatment are needed to harness the operation.

Drilling activity is the most expensive process and there are many stockholders will be involved during the exploration. Having more understanding in reservoir modelling, drilling engineering and technology, formation evaluation and geomechanics will help me in solving problem in technical issues. In addition, project management and economic engineering courses will benefit me to handle operation and stakeholders. If I can solve the problem quickly and manage stakeholder effectively, the operating time and cost will be more efficient.

Moreover, my proposed program of study provides individual and group projects. The projects are very essential for me to combine all the knowledge and my current experience for preparing myself before facing the real projects in the industry. Upon graduating from my Masters study, I will be able to understand, frame and solve the more complex of upstream problem in today's petroleum or geothermal industry.

In summary, my proposed study will contribute to my next career, government, and investor because all knowledge that I gain in university will help me to solve problem by considering entire perspective.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,828 2626  
Mar 17, 2018   #2
Todo, you need to make the presentation more prompt responsive. Open the essay with a reference to your proposed study plan first. Give a summary of the proposal and then relate it to the government projects related to drilling in your country. That way you will have a more cohesive presentation that fully integrates your personal and professional reasons for pursuing this study proposal with an actual application. Don't focus too much on explaining about the government project. Discuss more of your proposed study in relation to solving a current problem instead. You already made mention of something in relation to that in this essay version. All you have to do now is expand on it. That way the essay assumes a more professional and well developed thought process in the response presentation. Your summarized conclusion should be represented in paragraph form within the essay. One paragraph for each application presentation topic. The essay is too short as of now and does not really provide a detailed explanation of how the program of study will be able to help contribute to your career.

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