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"How your proposed study relates to ..." - Impact Statement for Commonwealth Scholarship

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Mar 12, 2019   #1
You all requested to critically analyse and help me improve these essays! any suggestions will be highly appreciated!

I am sorry I am posting Career plan as well in the same thread because it is related to the impact statement and I would like the career plan to be reviewed by seniors as well!

Development Impact Statement

Provide a statement explaining:

How your proposed study relates to a particular development challenge or need at the global, national, or local level
The outcomes that you aim to achieve and the timeframe for their implementation
How the impact of your work might be measured

A country's development is the direct result of the capacity of its institutions to perform effectively which in turn depends on the quality of the human resource working there and the related policies that govern these institutions. Unfortunately, in almost all sectors of Pakistan the infrastructure development is given priority over the human resource development and the negligence of the public policy makers in this regard exacerbates this situation. Policy makers have failed to make the vocational training part of the curriculum and combine the formal education with the skill development.

Pakistan has the highest youth population after Afghanistan in South Asia and ranks second lowest in South Asia for Commonwealth YDI 2017. According to another report Pakistan ranks 164th out of 195 countries for its quality of human capital. This is one of the main reasons that unemployment of youth in Pakistan is higher than other South Asian countries except Sri-Lanka.

I have rich experience in HRD and now I plan to study Masters of Public Administration; this course focuses on developing consummate public policy makers in the ever changing business environment. This course will expose me to policy making practices in the UK and will help me understand how organizations work and how employees perceive their work environment. This course will help me to not only cope with the current challenges related to human resources in the state institutions through effective policy making but will also prepare me to handle future challenges such as the "laying off the human resources". As a student in UK I will also get the chance to observe and understand the structure and implementation techniques of professional development programs for students, which I can replicate in Pakistan.

After this course I plan to return to Pakistan and serve my country by joining the Planning and Development Department which is the central agency which sets the strategic policies for the HRD and monitors its implementation in Pakistan. In this role I will be able to derive strategies to bring behavioral changes in employees on micro level and policy changes on macro level using psychological tools of positive and negative reinforcement. Through effective policy making based on scientific research, I will be able to solve the issues such as misuse of authority, early leaving and procrastination of work, misbehaving with public and commonplace involvement in grafting in organizations of Pakistan.

My final anticipated outcome is to use my experience related to HR and exposure of policy making in UK to improve human capital output in the public sector organization. I would also design professional development programs and collaborate with universities to introduce these in the courses to fill the gap between the current skills the youth has and skills required in the future by the organizations.

As per my career plan I have no doubt that I will be able to make an initial impact within Ten years and this impact can be measured by the improved human resource output in the target government institutions.

One essay at a time, please
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Mar 18, 2019   #2
I think it would be better you mention the university you're going to, then state the reasons why you choose it. Previously you stated UK, kindly also find the reasons why should UK and the relevance with your future goals in your country, Pakistan.

good luck

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