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Public Health - Why did you choose the course and the institution? For Australian Award Scholarship

Jun 12, 2020   #1

becoming a global leader in health

I want to pursue a public health course for my postgraduate degree to fulfill my dream of becoming a global leader in health. After working as a physiotherapist for a few years, I strive for achieving personal satisfaction where my efforts could impact the overall health of the nation and the global population. I choose the course because I'm passionate to address the burning issue of the ineffective health delivery system of Nepal. Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju, Vice-Chancellor of Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, an incredible health leader, has always been my inspiration and motivation to improve health access across Nepal. From him, I have learned that to improve the overall health of the nation, we need to improve health access from the community level. During my community placements, I witnessed challenges faced by rural communities due to the disparity in health services delivery, limited resources, and infrastructures. In 2018, I was selected in Global Learning Partnership Projects, where I was enlightened with Sustainable Development Goals and was prepared to work for global health equity. I was privileged with the opportunity to interact with Universitas 21 students and academics. From that moment I felt a global partnership strategy is the best means to enhance global health. And I believe that pursuing a Master's in Public Health from an international university will strengthen the global partnership and will drive me toward my career goals.

I was further selected as a physiotherapist for the project named "Improving physiotherapy access to Nepal" which was a new initiative in Nepal. The experiences I've had during the project have also shaped my decision to choose the course because even the rehabilitation and physiotherapy health sector require personnel with good public health skills to improve its delivery system and management. Also, I am extremely attracted to the course because it provides the privilege to diversify our career based on dynamic and evolving health needs. Public health is all about doing research and finding a scientific way to deal with public health problems which interest me a lot. And, I am enthusiastic to do my own research that will bring impactful change in the community.

Besides academic and professional opportunities, I will also have the opportunity to travel and explore different cultures in the course of improving global health which I had always relished. I choose the University of Adelaide, for I find the provided course structure multi-disciplined and well-designed and is also a member of Australia's research-intensive university group. Also, Australia has always shown welcoming gestures for the vast majority of Nepalese students to gain new knowledge, develop skills, and work with liberty. Therefore, the course provided me a spark and hope to pursue my passion.
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Jun 13, 2020   #2
What a good answer. I think you could give more detailed reason in choosing the institution.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,527 3444  
Jun 13, 2020   #3
You have to revise your essay. The AAS only allows for 2000 characters per essay. You have 2418 with no spaces. You have to bring that down to 2000 characters. have way too much unnecessary information in this essay. Focus only on the 2 questions. Why did you choose the course? Why the university? I see the essay as having some relevant points for the discussion which you can use. These points are:

- I want to pursue a public health ... system of Nepal.
- During my community ... resources, and infrastructures.
- In 2018, I was...enhance global health.
- physiotherapy health sector ... impactful change in the community.

As for the institution, you should remove the part about wanting to travel around the country. Focus on your academic goals that the course and university can offer you. Specifically, the practical training programs the course might offer or an opportunity to research a specific field of study in relation to your country's needs. Do all of these within 2000 characters and the essay will be better responsive to the required information.

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