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Pettypet 3 / 7  
Sep 23, 2022   #1
Kindly advice on the following career plan.
-Objectives during the award.
-Career plans 5 years after award
-Long-term career goals.


In the period of my award, I aim to gain knowledge and skills on Public Health methods and experience in the area of health policy and system management.

Some specific objectives that I also hope to achieve during this period include:
-To acquire soft skills such as networking, leadership, intercultural communication and team building through interactions with students from the departments and professionals in the Public Health field and the health industry in general.

-To attend at least one health conference and visit one health research institute in the UK.
-To visit some tourist attraction sites and get to appreciate the beauty of UK.

Five (5) years after my award, I shall strive to utilize the knowledge, skills and experiences gained to proffer solutions to Kenya's health problems by actively engaging in the formulation and implementation of policies that will facilitate the improvement of health systems and service delivery in the country. Being a student who derives satisfaction from helping others, I desire to offer counseling services to the youths aspiring to work in the health sector so as to help them identify their areas of interest and sensitize them about the challenges they might encounter within this field.

I also hope to work on the creation and implementation of National and local health programs that will spearhead preventive medicine.

My long-term career goal is to earn my PhD in Health Policy and Systems Management. This will give me the opportunity to not only interact with professors and policy makers around the world but also become a professor who will make significant contributions to the health sector in addition to tutoring young professionals in the Public Health field.

I also intend to be part of the Public Health Officers and Technician Council (PHOTC) to help implement changes in the Public Health sector that would see to an improvement in health service delivery and the population health. In addition, I want to work with the United Nations (UN) to assist in the provision of humanitarian aid to those living in marginalized areas whilst advocating for activities and interventions aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Last but not the least, I hope to engage in training young individuals to serve as advocates of good health and well-being through NGOs and government institutions like the health promotion centers
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,413 4391  
Sep 24, 2022   #2
These are theoretical career plans. There is no actual plan or course of action beyond the hypothetical scenarios the applicant has provided. Therefore, this cannot be considered a solid and viable career plan. It lacks in substance and learning application. It lacks in forward thinking or improvent to currently existing situations based on what the candidate hopes to learn and train in. Explain how these plans will be achieved through a combination of academic and practical learning experience. The essay lacks in connectivity between the objectives, 5 year career goals, and long term career goals. Completing a PhD is not a career goal. That is an academic goal of the long term kind and is irrelevant to this discussion. Badly missing from this presentation is the "how will these be achieved" of the theoretical plans.
OP Pettypet 3 / 7  
Sep 25, 2022   #3
Thank you for the insights. I'll make improvements bearing in mind your inputs.

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