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Question 1 scholarship; Why Curtin? Because it is a university that specializes in mining

FaridFR 1 / -  
Feb 13, 2021   #1

Australia Award Scholarship essay

need advice on grammar and content, Question is Why did you choose your proposed course and institution?

For the first choice I chose Curtin University because it is a university that specializes in mining. As for the master program that I took at Curtin University is mineral and energy economics, this program is a very suitable program to equip me to achieve my goals. Subjects such as Resource Cost and Capital, Mineral Finance and Project Evaluation, Mineral Market Analysis, and Econometrics and Forecasting will be the courses that I give my main attention to because the knowledge I get from these courses will be the basis for analyzing what commodities deserves to be developed. Knowledge of this will help the company to get the best results from the projects it carries out.

Although it is difficult to find a master's program that provides economics or finance teaching focused on mineral commodities, I chose Applied Econometrics at The University of Melbourne as my second choice. This program teaches courses such as Forecasting In Economics And Business, Time Series Analysis And Forecasting, and Economic Analysis And Policy which remain relevant to my goals and can be applied in the mining business. Just like my first choice, I will apply the skills I got from this program to determine the direction of business development the company will undertake. Likewise in the third option and so on, I chose a program that teaches courses to conduct business analysis and forecast commodity price movements. In addition, the universities I have chosen have alumni networks in various countries that I can use to build partnerships with the organizations where I work.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3351  
Feb 14, 2021   #2
Your employment background should be mentioned in some capacity as the basis of the reference point for your course choice. What is the goal? In both choices, you mention the application in the future but not why you decided that you have to enroll in these courses. The present reasons for the choice must be represented first since your future application will only find relevance once your present or past employment is better understood by the reviewer. By the way, in the first paragraph, you used the phrase "I took" meaning you have already completed the course. Surely that is not the case. Change the reference to "plan to take" instead. Since there is no reference to a third university choice, you should remove that reference.

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