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Essay question - Development of leadership skills

jolivares 3 / 5 1  
Oct 29, 2018   #1
I'd highly appreciate if you could provide some feedback for this prompt.
Thanks in advance.

the opportunity to develop as a leader

·Set out the skills and attributes you possess that will enable you to use this opportunity to develop as a leader in your field.
·Explain how the proposed activity will develop your leadership skills and build on your ability to contribute to your study, training, research or professional field on your return to your home country

I am highly organised, proactive, committed and efficient with excellent time management skills. I have strong written and oral skills acquired during years of study. I have participated in many collaborative projects; therefore, I have experience working with others, many times as a leader, being able to notice strengths, weaknesses and personality dynamics. I am responsible and persistent, when I choose something I am determined to finish it. I am self-aware, and I am good at self-management. I believe in myself and I am willing to use all available resources to succeed at my task. I can easily adapt to diverse and changing situations. This set of skills will help me to develop as a leader during this activity and beyond.

My proposed activity will develop my leadership skills by sharpening my critical thinking and analytical skills, addressing complex and challenging case studies. It will improve my ability to make good judgements and quick objective decisions. Given the self-directed nature of master's degrees, I will improve my organizational ability by setting short and long-term goals and executing them on a timely manner, enhancing my capacity to think and work independently. I'll gain a global perspective by working with people from different backgrounds, increasing my cross-cultural competency and awareness, something we hugely lack in Chile, my home country. I'll become a more effective communicator by presenting my work to teachers and the industry sector. During the internship I'll be able to learn from key players, facing real-world matters through hands-on experience, improving my problem solving skills. The cooperative work will make me a better relationship builder and people-manager, attributes extremely important within the workforce. I'll become a strong leader to inspire, engage and influence my potential colleagues and stakeholders to promote environmental awareness and conservancy, which is highly needed in Chile.

benjankwatse 2 / 2 1  
Oct 29, 2018   #2
its good that you're trying to sell your self to get an opportunity to develop as a leader through potrayed skills you attained but you need to also show the strong attributes you already have done that will make the panel believe that you will add value to your country as far as leadership is concerned.otherwise you have good work.
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,517 2961  
Oct 30, 2018   #3
Javiera, the best way to approach this essay, in my opinion is to set out your leadership skills by example. Listing your attributes is fine, but actually proving you have the working skills, as required by the prompt is another thing. I believe that you would better be able to set out your skills and attributes if you say, discuss how you approached the research work for your college thesis or any group research project during college. That will be relevant since you are being asked to explain how your skills will help you further develop as a leader in this field. Therefore, the prompt requires you to indicate how you can use your team management style to develop as a leader during this academic period.

The second prompt, asks you to consider your academic and professional goals for a response. What particular aspects of your study will allow you to handle people or spend time with leaders of the industry that could have an influence on your future leadership style? Improving your leadership ability will rely on your internship experience during the program. So where will the internships take place? Who will be handling you? What leadership style do you hope to develop based on your possible experience? What sort of leader do you hope to become after this experience? How do you feel your improvement as a leader in this field will help to develop the field further in your country upon your return? These are the questions that, should you choose to respond to them, would better draw out the proper response to the second line of your prompt requirements.

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