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I am ready to share networking and communication skills and experience with Chevening community

Wael A Kadhim 2 / 2  
Nov 4, 2017   #1
hello every one can you help me please.
@holt i will wait for your response, with my greeting

Chevening is looking for individuals with strong networking skills

Networking is a process of developing informal contacts and building relationships that provide you with knowledge, advice, information, and further contacts. Informational interviewing is part of the networking process and is a way to strengthen your network. Both networking and informational interviewing include elements. Firstly, Contacting people you know and do not know in order to find information about an industry, organization, or job/internship. Secondly, Asking individuals whom you contact for further relevant contacts in order to build your network. Thirdly, Building relationships with people who can help the progress of your career exploration or internship/job search.

When I attend to be a manager because of the leadership is my passion, I have met my project manager and discussed with him my future and how to be leader in my profession, he gave me a lot of informations and advices, I asked him to make phone call for helping me make contacts with others and introduce myself to other projects with his recommendation for me, the first attempt of networking is done when accepted at Al_Diwanea Power Plant Project as Electrical & control Manager. Then, I have been head of materials committee for the whole project, these two positions made me show my networking skills by contact with my old managers and mates in other directorates or projects, one time I have faced problems with materials such as missing or damaged materials and we should compensate it and never effect on the progress ,the venders will delayed us because it took long time to arrive at site, So I made contacts with my mates at Al_Khairat Project and made meetings with the Directorate, they guided me to borrow those materials from more than one power plant and problem solved.

beside my profession i am now a member of a training and humanitarian development organization called (Green Spring Organization "NGO"), Head of the training committee. I have conducted many training courses of (Robotics and Programming for Kids). I have also given courses to orphans (free of charge) and other kids in my governorate and hope to spread these courses throughout my whole country in the future. With kids as my audience, these courses are the first of their kind , all that happened with the help of my friends whose working with marketing and media, they assisted me for creating awareness about my courses which is a new experience in my community and get interview with Hisham Al-Thahaby (public figure-called orphans father) to train his kids and already happened, now I still contact with them and discuss future plans for the courses to consider including it as one of the schools subjects.

Being a chevening would allow me to enrich my knowledge and cultivate best practices that I will encounter and Through my experience at my profession I have gave advices to younger employee at my work site or innovated young persons at Events which I participated, I am ready to share networking and communication skills and experience with chevening community.

bilon 3 / 4  
Nov 4, 2017   #2
@Wael A Kadhim
Hello, your essay looks good. You successfully showed how you created relationships and how these have been useful to you. But I did not see how these relationships could be useful to you in the future and also to the chevening community. You might want to put some emphasis on this.

Also there some grammar mistakes here and there which you may want to attend to when you will have a final version of this essay. Consider using this application "GINGER"- free to download.

Meyamoo 3 / 6  
Nov 4, 2017   #3
@Wael A Kadhim
I think you have a lot of grammar mistakes like will delayed us , Being a chevening
and I think some phrases needed to be rebuilt
and take in your mind that if you mentioned a name they could ask you for a reference letter from him so be sure he is one of your references.
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,765 3095  
Nov 4, 2017   #4
Wael, your first paragraph is a definition and lecture on networking that the reviewer does not need to know about. That is purely a word filler that is totally unnecessary in the essay. Kindly remove that from your revised version. Your representation of networking skills are not really effective because most of it is within the same company. An effective networking essay shows a clear importance for the development of an exterior network, allows the writer to deliver a clear example of how this network has helped him with important aspects of his profession, how he has returned the favor to the network in some manner, and indicates whether or not the network is still existing today. If it is still existing, you need to explain how you keep that network active. Towards the end of your essay, please justify the importance of this network to the future Chevening scholars that you will be mentoring (should you get the scholarship). The essay always asks for this justification because your network will become a part of the Chevening network through the alumni program. So strengthen your presentation as best as you can. Right now, this essay is not just grammatically problematic, it is also information deficient.

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