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Mar 10, 2019   #1
Hello!) I was supposed to write a study plan for KGSP program. Since I`m applying to MBA, I`ve written about courses and how they will help me in my career. My bachelor degree in Economics. Please evaluate the essay, and write if there are mistakes and if the size is appropriate. Thank you~

my career goals as marketing manager

Due to recent advancements in information technology, the marketing field has been revolutionized, creating new opportunities for business world. Traditional marketing tactics are not as effective and sufficient as they were before. This is the reason that in-depth knowledge and skills are essential for achieving my career goals of marketing manager. Therefore, my main study goal is to get a master's degree through an MBA-Marketing program.

To help you understand my current goals better, I would like to explain my first experience of running a business mentioned in the personal statement. Firstly, to find out people`s willingness to buy the product, we carried out a potential demand analysis by conducting a poll. Then we calculated our primary expenses and product line, proposed a couple of coffee-shops to serve as sales channel. Although, we managed to return our investments by the end of the first week, the sales volume in the future was not as high as we expected. Eventually, many underrated factors became visible. This pitfall contributed a lot to the firmness of my purpose to gain practical skills that can enable a company or a business I work for to achieve best possible results in sales.

In the first year of study, I am going to select core courses such as Business accounting, or Economics&Statistics&Ethics that enable me to choose appropriate research methodology before carrying out projects and researches. Moreover, these courses provide with practical analytical tools that assist in collecting and interpreting data for insightful analysis. The analytical skill will give me a unique advantage in my future career as a marketing manager. Additionally, I am going to take some general courses that basic knowledge of business world

The second year of my studies will be devoted to elective major courses that focus on marketing itself. So, the specialization will solidify my expertise in marketing. Courses of Consumer Behavior, Strategic Brand Management, Pricing Strategies, CRM/SCM are of a crucial importance in my future career because it will enable me to analyze current options thoroughly before launching a product into market. For example, customer journey analysis will help me to know customers better, and, eventually, I`ll be able to help a company to create better products and to promote them more effectively. Besides consumer behavior, choosing right sales channels and pricing strategies will help me to meet company`s sales objectives with minimum expenditure.

After completion of my studies, I plan do a short-term internship in Korean to apply gained knowledge and skills to the benefit of a Korean company. Since there are career development centers in chosen universities, I am going to apply for any of them because gained knowledge and skills must be applied towards realistic markets. Therefore, I plan work as marketing manager or social media manger intern.

Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Mar 11, 2019   #2
Hasmik, the study plan is a specific summarized version of your thesis proposal. What you wrote does not qualify based on the requirements which are:

Title of Study
Goal of Study
Assumed Completion Time Table
Detailed Description

For this essay you have to come up with a response that provides the above information. I am not sure what you plan to research for the final year thesis so I can't really guide you in developing the aforementioned information. The only part of the presentation that should be in paragraph form is the detailed study plan which provides an overview / summary of the following:

Thesis Statement
Expected Outcome

Try to present your Goal of Study / Study Plan in the outline I have presented above so that it will be properly formatted and responsive to the information requirements of the prompt.
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Mar 11, 2019   #3
Thank you for your response!
The thing is that MBA programs in the universities I`m going to apply require neither thesis paper nor projects to complete a degree.
Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Mar 11, 2019   #4
The universities may not require it, but the GKS scholarship does. So you have to accommodate the requirements of the applications forms if you want to be considered for the scholarship. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Applications that do not meet the requirements of the application procedure will also not be considered. If you review the scholarship documents, you will find that the Goal of Study program has a specific presentation that you have to complete. Respond to the requirements whether the university you plan to apply to requires it or not. The GKS scholarship application requires it and that is what matters the most.

Do not think for even a second that you know better than the GKS reviewer and that you will make it past the screening round based upon what you think you should be presenting as opposed to what is required within the presentation. Anyway, I am only giving you advise based on my experience as a reviewer, guiding the application process for this scholarship for hundreds of students long before you came to the forum for a review. Do with your essay as you will.
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Mar 11, 2019   #5

I don`t doubt in your expertise in this issue. Just wanted to figure out the inconsistency between the requirements of GKS and university programs.

Thank you.

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