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My reasons for applying the master's program of General and Applied Linguistics

tm_aulia 1 / 2  
Apr 4, 2018   #1

why did you choose your proposed course and institution

I am applying for a master's program of General and Applied Linguistics. The importance of learning a language has encouraged me to learn about linguistics in order to produce a comprehensive and accurate description of a language. My focus is on the structural linguistics, one of which is phonetics and phonology. Here, we investigate the production, communication, and reception of the language sounds, namely the sounds that are produced by speech tools contained in oral cavity and which are used to symbolize meanings. Of course, it is worthwhile for me when I did a research on the difference of language sounds spoken by the people in my region. I am assured that this master's program will make me more prepared to do in-depth research and develop local languages in my region.

My bachelor study on English Teacher Training and Education has prepared me with a strong foundation in English and theoretical aspects of linguistics study which can contribute in developing myself rapidly to reach my future goal in the master's program. I have learned about Introduction to Linguistics, English Phonetics and Phonology, and Semantics and Pragmatics in my bachelor study, all of which I got the highest marks. Moreover, with contribution of my lecturers and peers, I have also written scientific papers on linguistics since I was an undergraduate student. Additionally, my papers were published in international seminar proceedings. Then, I accomplished my study by receiving the highest mark in the study program for my final-year undergraduate thesis on English education. Based on the experiences, I consciously learn that mastering a language is not the same as being able to explain the rules of the language. Even in the context of foreign language teaching, a teacher must comprehend the differences between the mother tongue of the learner and the foreign language being taught. For this reason, I have thoroughly provided myself to perform well in my future study.

I have done some research on universities in Australia that offer a master's program in General and Applied Linguistics. Some of the universities provide the program with the general linguistics focus, for instance structural linguistics courses, while others put more emphasis on TESOL. As one of my future goals is to be a linguist, therefore I choose to take General and Applied Linguistics master's program. I need to find a university that can provide me with strong practical knowledge on linguistics study.
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Apr 9, 2018   #2
From the title of the thread the essay must be about your reasons for applying to the Master degree. Apparently, the only reason that you mentioned " the importance of learning a language...", which is need more elaboration, was for learning about the linguistics from the beginning (not for the master degree).

You talked about your accomplishments, background, and your opinions about learning a language which are not related to the title!
I would suggest that you should read more, on the internet (e.g. google, blogs,....etc) or books, about the importance of linguistics, general and applied linguistics, and what are the benefits of getting higher degrees in the field. After that, try to reorder your thoughts, rewrite the essay, and focus on the reasons.

Many people face difficulties when trying to express their deeply-seated motivations and reasons for doing something. Try not to start writing before making a list of your reasons, after you search, and expounding on each one of them.

Finally I suggest not to start your essay by "I am applying for a master's ...".
Rewrite your essay and post it again as a new thread, so many people would give you invaluable feedback.
All the best,
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Apr 11, 2018   #3
Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate that. It really opens my mind. I try to rewrite it again.
Holt [Contributor] - / 7,660 1998  
Apr 15, 2018   #4
Teuku, your essay is not appropriate for the prompt. The reason for your proposed course and institution must be based on your future career plans instead of hindsight educational goals. When you are asked why you chose a specific course, you explain that your focus is on structural linguistics but you do not explain why this particular course will be beneficial to you as a budding polyglot. What is the actual aim of your studies? What do you hope to achieve after completing the course? That is the reason why you chose to study this course in particular and that is what you should be explaining in the first part of the essay.

When you are asked about the chosen institution, you cannot claim the country as the institution. The scholarship committee would like to learn about the factors that led you to choose a particular university in Australia. What was the criteria that you used which have a direct connection with your purpose for study? How will the university be able to help you achieve your academic goals? Why can't the other universities do that? Be specific. If you are telling the reviewer that you are looking for a university then you will definitely lose your chance at this scholarship because you do not have any actual study plans to present. That shows either a lack of preparation on your part or a lack of actual interest in obtaining the scholarship. Prepare all of the required elements for the response before you write another draft essay. Find the university first.
OP tm_aulia 1 / 2  
Apr 16, 2018   #5
Thank you for reminding me. I try to rewrite it again. :)

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