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How I relate my abroad studies to my skills - Influence & leadership essay for Chevenning

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Oct 31, 2016   #1
Dear Guys...

Kindly read through my essay and let me know if it is good enough to go through. All suggestions are welcomed.

Chevening is looking for individuals that will be future leaders or influencers in their home countries. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your own leadership and influencing skills to support your answer.

Throughout my life I have developed a desire to help and support people around me by influence and leadership. This started from the time when I was at a young age, seeing my father guidance to me and my sibling and everyone around him as he was always a leader at work and at home, that inspired me to be constantly wanting to be the better person and help as much as I could. It was like an instinct that triggered in me.

As I have stated in my education section I have studied my Bachelor degree abroad in Malaysia, studying away from family and friends somewhere that I'm not used to thought me many things, To be responsible for all of my actions and adapting to new things and experiences which shaped me the way I am right now.

I can relate my leadership skills to my academic ears that I have had so far, Doing many projects and group assignments while studying for my Bachelor degree gifted me many skills for leading, in the beginning of my studies I have faced many obstacles to deliver my ideas and insights to the rest of my group members due to culture and language barriers but I managed to overcome them with quickly adapting and having the courage to say what I think out loud. So leading became my natural behavior, I was in charge for most of the assignments I was part of, as I could see through my partners strengths and weaknesses, for example while I was taking Entrepreneurship on my 7th semester, our course leader set us into groups and gave us a specific task to be done within 4 weeks, the task was to design a business in a shipping container. On our first meeting I successfully convinced my other 4 group members to let me be the leader then we brainstormed for ideas and I quickly noticed all of them loved sports, specifically football so we decided to make a moving souvenir container shop to be set wherever there is a football match happening, It would sell authentic original products specially when there is an international football team playing as these products are rare in Malaysia, I was able to influence my team members to do a their best and we got awarded with the best project that semester.

Relating my skills to my most recent professional years, currently I'm working in Medical insurance department in Mellitah Oil and Gas BV. ,many of my colleagues neglected their work being demotivated from the current situation of my home country, with some optimism and my good computer skills I was able to automate some of their repetitive work and make their working hours a bit easier, I think I successfully managed to influence them to be better at work. Now after almost a year of working here everyone in my department counts on me to help guide them for the best approach to do their tasks.

I have the desire to become a leader for a better future for my country. This desire driven me to apply for the Chevening scholarship.
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Nov 1, 2016   #2
Hi! I have some feedback for you!

Please be careful of capital letter and punctuation!

... neglected their work being demotivated from the current situation ...

... neglected their work and being demotivated as the current situation in my home country is becoming worse. However, drove with some optimism and the computer skills, I am able to..
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,529 3444  
Nov 1, 2016   #3
Adeeb, you need just one proper leadership experience example to make this paper work for you. from what i can tell, your leadership experience is too juvenile to be considered a true and exemplary form of leadership. The character of a leader is probably within you and your ability to influence people does exist on a shallow scale. What we need is something deeper that will show off your leadership skills under pressure and with lack of cooperation. Personally, I would have you focus your paper on your professional experience instead of wasting your time with the lightweight college experience. Develop the work experience because the professional scenario is of the utmost importance in delivering the correct leadership and influencing message to the reviewer. Bear in mind that everyone applying for this essay will be doing so on the strength of their current work experience, so you need to be able to present yourself as a competitor in that aspect.

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