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The Relationships Building Skills I learned and the Professional Network I build

DinaHosam 1 / -  
Nov 6, 2018   #1

Networking Essay for Chevening Scholarship

Hey Everyone.

Appreciate your feedback on Networking Essay for Chevening Scholarship

When I graduated from Collage I realized that I have the Technical Knowledge but I need to develop my Communications and Professional Relationships Building Skills and that's why I decided to start my Career as a Project Coordinator in a Localization Company despite the fact that almost everyone around me advised me not to because it is not related to my field of study or the career path I wanted to follow but I believed it will be the right start for me as it will give me the chance to cooperate with Professionals not only from my country but from all over the world - Mainly in China, USA, UK and Spain- which will be a great experience for me to learn and grow and during my time there I handled Projects with People from different background and cultures and learned to build my Professional Relationships through being honest and Humble, Respecting People and understanding their different traditions and cultures, Value their efforts and appreciate their assistance, Take their feedback seriously and use it to learn and develop, ask for their advice and always take the opportunities to offer them my assistance when they need it.

Then moving to the Procurement and Logistics field helped me to continue developing my Relationship Building Skills and expanded my Professional network as I deal on daily basis with almost every Department internally within the company and external shareholders -Suppliers and Shipping Companies- both Locally and overseas. I used my Professional Relationship Building Skills to do my job responsibilities more efficiently including developing new suppliers, Building and maintaining a long-Term Business Relationship with our Key Shareholders and developed my negotiation skills to reach win-win agreements with suppliers which benefits all involved parties. On several times when a critical item is needed urgently, it was the strong relationship I built with the suppliers that contributed in encouraging them to do everything to help and that included changing their own Production Plan to fit our urgent need.

Also During my post-graduate Diploma and the Training course I attended to obtain my Certification as an International Procurement Manager I had the chance to expand my Professional Network even more as I used my skills to interact and communicate with other Supply Chain Professionals from different Industries sectors and I was able to gain new perspectives and ideas through sharing our professional experiences and until now we maintain our connection, share updates with relation to our Profession and support each other to improve as individuals and Professionals.

Throughout my Career so far, The Relationships Building Skills I learned and the Professional Network I build helped me to grow and evolve as a person and as a Professional. In the Future, I'm hoping to use my skills to continue learning and evolve and help and motivate others to learn and grow too and I believe that studying in the UK and being part of the Chevening community will be a huge opportunity for me to do so.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,700 3784  
Nov 7, 2018   #2
Dina, you have explained the foundation of your networking skills. But I have not seen any real use for your network in an expanded setting. There is a lack of useful discussion that would prove the effectiveness of your network. I need to see an event that attests to the usefulness of this highly expanded and international network that you claim to have. As Chevening requires the applicants to have an international and local network of contacts, you will automatically catch the attention of the reviewer. However, the lack of justification to support these claims, the essay loses impact and lessens the impression it makes upon the reviewer. It is better to portray your working network within the essay rather than simply discussing it in this run-down method. You just need to present one or two events that clearly show the use of your network to show that this will be a useful addition to the Chevening roster. That is the main consideration for this essay.

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