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Repaying the gratitude and appreciation to Korea - Future Goal for KGSP Scholarship

eiriashhar 4 / 14 4  
Mar 11, 2017   #1
Hi guys, especially my dear friend Mary (Holt).

This is the final part of application, i.e. Future plan. I would be really glad to hear your suggestions to make it concrete and better. I would be sincerely grateful for you feedback.

I also have a question, do we need to provide a title for these essays (Study plan & Future goal)? Why is there a column given in form (picture attached for understanding).


the bond between Pakistan and korea

After graduation, I would like to continue and practice my profession in Korea as a researcher in an automotive industry. With Korea being one of the pioneers in the automotive sector, I believe working in Korea will provide me the chance to pursue my career and professional goals. For this, I am aiming to get a position in research in a large automotive firm such as Hyundai Motors Co. or Kia Motor Corporation, that are actively participating to bring in new innovations in the field. Primarily, I want to dedicate my time and efforts on research focused to make automobiles more durable, safe and efficient as well as environmental friendly. I would also like to research on the possibility to discover practical methods to make electric vehicles more energy efficient with increased mileage to increase their popularity in public and in turn to reduce CO2 emissions. This will provide me with the opportunity and with firsthand experience to make the most of my knowledge to learn and understand the real-time practices and considerations in the industry.

Besides being a researcher, I have plans to volunteer as a lecturer to teach at an institution in Korea. As I strongly believe that knowledge once gained is deemed to be spread to others, I want to pass my knowledge of the field to the new minds. I want to motivate younger generations through my work and life experiences to apply their abilities for a better future of the country as well. This is to express my gratitude and appreciation to Korea for the scholarship opportunity that was provided to me.

While I stay in Korea, I also want to actively participate in promoting Korean Culture as I am very much attracted to Korean custom and tradition. Likewise, I would love to practice my culture as a Pakistani with my Korean friends as well to foster mutual understanding and promote friendship.

Once I return to Pakistan, I would like to acquire a position as research and development manager in an automotive industry such as Indus Motors or Pak Suzuki Motors. As the current state of Pakistan's automotive industry needs much development, while the automotive market has a lot to offer, acquiring this role will provide me with the chance to introduce state-of-the-art technologies and novel techniques for the development of the country's automotive manufacturing sector. I believe the training and experiences I would have in in Korea will assist me immensely in reaching this goal. I would also join my alma mater in Pakistan to establish bilateral relations between it and my academe in Korea as an alumnus, to bring both institutions closer while strengthening the bond between both countries for mutual growth for a prosperous future.


Thanks a lot again :)

  • The red marked box, are they places to write titles?
ChiObi 2 / 8 1  
Mar 11, 2017   #2
Your future plans are good
... methods to make electric vehicles more energy efficient ...

I believe that should be changed to hybrid motors instead of electric vehicles. Because the explanation that follow suit is what a hybrid motor does.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,686 3495  
Mar 11, 2017   #3
When you discuss becoming a lecturer in Korea, indicate what kind of lecturer you want to be and where you might be able to utilize your talents in this field. I a worried about this part of your essay though because becoming a lecturer may not be as simple as you think. That may require you to be a licensed teacher or something, thus preventing you from becoming a lecturer in Korea. If anything, you should focus on promoting your Pakistani culture during your free time in Korea as part of your post study plans. This is to going to be useful because you plan to create relations between your home country and Korea. Therefore, creating a network of usable professionals in the field is of the utmost importance to you.

As for the parts of the application form that you encircled in red, the answer is that you need a title for your study goals presentation as this relates to your masters research paper. You do not need to have a title for your post study plans essay because that is just an ordinary essay discussion.

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