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Reputable in linguistics - AAS - How did you choose your proposed course and institution?

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Mar 18, 2017   #1
How did you choose proposed course and institution?

Linguistic Reputation

I am applying Master of Arts Linguistics in Australia because I join the project of development bahasa Indonesia to become an international language. As a delegation bahasa Indonesia for second learner teacher from Center for Language Strategy and Diplomacy Development (PPSDK) under the Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia, the government demand an expert to face the challenge language planning and development outside Indonesia, especially in the language teaching and language learning.

First, I choose Master of Arts Linguistics in Australia because it is linear with my bachelor degree and my current job. My bachelor focused on linguistics that will support my future course that need prerequisite knowledge about basic linguistics. Moreover, my career as a bahasa Indonesia for second learner teacher is relevant with my bachelor degree so that it makes my linearity to the proposed course match one another.

Second, both of my occupation and my degree will support the government program to promoting bahasa Indonesia around the world especially in ASEAN country. Promoting bahasa Indonesia is not only about teaching but also macro linguistics aspect such as language and society to know social condition on the teaching country target so that makes teaching adapt with local nuance.

All that mentioned before are the reasons I proposed course Master of Arts Linguistics in Australia. Then, I decide two best university about that M. A. degree. The first one is ANU that have a strong research about language society in Asia Pacific. Even it has a research center about language and social studies so I can join its summer course to broaden my language in social context. The second option is AU. AU has an area specialization that will equip me with the specific course such as language teaching and language learning and Linguistics Functional Systemic in Education. The most important about courses are Australia has highly reputable in linguistics which fit my future career needs at Center for Language Strategy and Diplomacy Development.
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Mar 18, 2017   #2
Muhammad, I can see that you placed great effort in developing this essay response. It has some right ideas, expressed in a difficult and non-understandable manner that prevents the reviewer from actually understanding what you wish to say. The essay requires more than just a review. It requires proper grammatical editing and revision in order to clarify the points you are trying to make. The improperly developed paragraphs and sentences cause undue stress on the part of the reviewer. Since I am only limited to giving you 2 free advice regarding editing and revisions, that number of advice will not be enough for the required series of revisions that needs to be addressed so that the essay can be usable. I strongly urge you to consider clicking on our Services link, where you can choose my name from the list so that I can personally edit and revise the content of this paper for you to make it ready for submission.

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