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'research on motion sensors and wireless communications' - Why Computer Science? Scholarship

Touhid 1 / 1  
Feb 21, 2016   #1
People have called me arrogant. People have called me crazy. They said, "You will not survive the first semester." "No university will accept your application, let alone giving you a scholarship." I have heard it all. But all these snide remarks, all kinds of discouragements could not change my mind, because my decision to study computer science dates back a long time .

Granted that I did not study ICT, I have not participated in any coding competitions, I was never a part of any computer club. But do an A* in ICT and a bunch of "Certificate Of Excellence" from virtual tournaments are the only ways one can express his/her passion for the subject?

Maybe I do not have as much experience as my peers. What the other students can do in three hours I will take five. But there is one thing I know for sure that I will put those five hours to finish my work because my passion for computer did no originate from reading textbooks or by participating in a competition.

My love for computers dates back when I was still in my infancy. I used live in joint family, and as the youngest member of the family( that is before my sis te was born), I saw all of my cousins buy their own personal computers. I used to sit at the back and watch my cousins race against each other in Need For Speed II. I used to imagine that instead of my cousin I am the one who is driving the car and by grabbing an imaginary steering wheel I would move my hands in accordance to the road on the screen.Oh! how I longed to get my own.

Finally, when I was around eight my wait was over and I bought my very own computer. I can still remember that wide grin on my face as i gentle pressed on the power button. I was over the moon. I thought I would never be happier.

Unfortunately, my happiness only lasted for only a week. On the eighth day as I turned on my computer I was not greeted by the familiar windows logo instead the screen kept on flashing blue. It turned out that my motherboard along with the operating system had crashed. My computer had no warranty as it was bought second-hand and since my family was at that time going through a financial crisis I could not afford the cost of repair. And so there it lay in one corner of my room, gathering dust.

I was devastated. I owned a computer but was unable to use it. Not a day went by in which I had not thought of tearing up the CPU myself and try to fix the problem. But I feared that I might make it worse. I felt helpless. It was right around that time that I decided to study computer science.

As time flew by I moved on but my goal to learn about computers did deter one bit. Although my family's circumstances has led me to focus only on the core science subjects, I know that I was and always will be attracted towards computers. That's why, no matter how hard it might be for me, I am determined to study computer science.

Throughout the years, I have been a subscriber of the weekly magazines Computer Weekly and PC Magazine. They showed me that computers are intertwined in every aspects of our life-from running compact discs to flying an airplane. It was then that I realized the immense power of computers.

I know I will struggle to adapt, then again I also have the self-confidence that I will eventually adapt. After all this is not the first time I will be swimming against the tide. You see, English was never my forte so when my IGSCE English exams was just months away I was still hovering around grade B. I did not lose hope. I did not quit. I simply worked harder. I started reading novels, newspapers and took extra English classes and eventually improved enough to score an A* in IGCSE English. Therefore I believe that I will pull through these hardships, for my ability to work hard will compensate my lack of experience.

However my passion for the subject alone is not enough to secure me a bachelors degree. I also need to choose a university that boasts a strong computer science faculty and is further willing to provide the necessary support to students like me. As an international student , coming from a middle-class family the biggest obstacle in acquiring my bachelors degree is the financial aspect of it. My parents are not affluent enough to pay the full tuition fees and so the international scholarship is vital in commencing my degree and hence improve my understanding of computers.

For me the bachelors degree will only be the start of my journey as my ultimate goal is to obtain a PhD in computer science and eventually carry out research on motion sensors and wireless communications, because I believe that advancements in these sectors will help the blind and deaf populations. In my case, enrolling in a bachelors program at one of the top universities is of utmost importance as it will, in the end, determine whether I am able to fulfill my ambitions. Thus I sincerely hope that the university will accept my admission application and assist me every way possible at this crucial point of my academic career

martinessays - / 4 2  
Feb 22, 2016   #2
You have put up a strong case for your admission citing a challenging background as one great hindrance to your success. Against all odds, you have managed to get good grades and you wish to pursue your childhood dream. In your defense, it would be more appropriate to highlight some of your major achievements so far especially in the field of computer technology. Such achievements should highlight your willingness to serve other people given that you intend to venture into research that will make life easier for everyone. You have also made a lot of references to yourself which reflects an egocentric image of you otherwise it is a great essay. You also need to polish the final draft to eliminate the minor grammar and sentence structure issues.
OP Touhid 1 / 1  
Feb 23, 2016   #3
@martinessays thank you very much for your feedback...... i will try to improve my draft accordingly. Btw it would be really helpfull if you could point out my grammatical and sentence structure issues.... thanks again

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