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Respect and understanding are the cornerstone of any relationship. Chevening networking

Meyamoo 3 / 6  
Nov 5, 2017   #1

communicating and network question

I love differences, I think our differences are the source of our strength. To me communicating with people is basicly built on accepting these differences and respecting varieties to deal with them comfortably, because respect and understanding are the cornerstone of any relationship.

We all have different environments, cultures and traditions dealing with that demand a skill and more the people you know, more skilled you will get. Networking and communication skills are about learning from others and being able to find common ground for total strangers to stand on.

My network connection is very important at my career as a doctor, as I have plenty relationships with my patients, colleagues and professors.
Attending medical conferences always gives us a chance to meet new people, this helping in my field when I ask for help from different specialty, or when he asks for my help. Also when my professor helped me by giving me data sources for my research and asked me to do seminar to help my colleagues.

Also I had experience in student reunion of my college, when I and my friends decided to encourage more student to be evolved in student reunion elections and to change it for better, we put a new plan, connected with people known for their activities and managed to collect 20 students to be our candidates in the elections.

My duty was to communicate with as many students as possible to convince them to take a second thought about our role, I did that mainly by roaming the campus to give students short notes about who we are, what is our program, what we will do, the utilities we offer, how that will affect them and finally to encourage them to vote with a slogan that said your vote always matters.

It was a big challenge but I succeeded in my task and managed to convince 200 students to vote, they elected our team for the position. We successfully changed the idea of the tasks of student reunion, started our program and set up a series of events and conferences for public figures as Tamim EL-Barghouthy (the Palastenian poet), Mustafa Hosney and different known politicians such as previous presidential candidate Abd EL Manaem Abu EL fotouh.

Also we arranged regular meetings with the dean and the administration for discussing the problems which faced by the students, and series of welcoming events for the new comer students and making tours for them to be familiar with the place.

This scholarship will aid me on personal level by increasing my knowledge and enable me to extend my network connections, help individual in exchanging experiences and widen my perception of life and see things differently. As my thinking is changing with every new experience. All that will develop my character and grow my influence skills in communication which will reflect on my career and dealing with my colleagues finally will help my organization in achieving its goal which is matching with the chevening priority.
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Nov 5, 2017   #2
Hello Mai!

It would be highly appreciated if you mention the question or task given as it is. I'm presuming it revolves around the importance of Communication and Networking.

It's a fairly well written essay. You have started off with the importance of communication and Networking and then highlighted your own personal experiences in the matter and how it's helped you grow as a person.

I just feel that the structure of certain sentences needs to be changed and certain grammatical errors have to be corrected. It's always better to change a few words by using synonyms to show off your vocabulary.

Here are a few of my suggestions-
Para 1 - I love differn....... and I think differences are .... ..... and respecting diversity to deal with them.....
Para 2 - ......and dealing with that demands a certain skill and the more people you know, better skilled will you be
Para 3 - in my career.... as I have numerous relations with......... Attending medical conferences gave me a chance to meet ( Speak in first person narrative when talking about your experience)

Para 4 - I also had an experience ....... when my friends and I decided .... better. We made a new plan ...... (If a sentence is becoming too long,

don't prolong it by adding commas or adjunctives)

There are additional grammatical errors and errors of the sort I have described above.
Try to include all the information about the student reunion that you organized into one paragraph.

The Last Paragraph is good but the sentence structure and grammar is flawed. Do the needful and you'll have a good written material.

Good Luck! :)

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