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'Rome wasn't built in a day' - Essay on Career goal

Chigozie 13 / 22 2  
Oct 10, 2011   #1
My Career Goal and Interest

Reminiscing the past years of countless rigors, boundless difficulties and widespread violence that centered around my childhood days, I would not had envisioned that someday I will be fortunate enough to receive formal education, or receive a scholarship for a career study abroad if not for the assistance I received. Thus the saying, every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. A Nigerian native, I was two year old at time when a tribal war between the Christians and Muslims erupted in Aba, a city I had known my entire life. The city was drenched in blood and homes were destroyed. Being one of the unlucky ones their shelter got burnt down, my family and I sought refuge in the perilous forest for several weeks until some missionaries rescued and moved us to the barracks.

During this upheaval, I attended a missionary school located at the basement of the church while my parents worked part-time at the mines. There were no chairs in the school; the students had to seat on the mats to learn. A truce was called several years later but its memories never faded away. On finishing elementary school, I couldn't get into high school immediately due to my poor financial status. My mum had to quit her part-time job to home school my siblings and I while my dad took up extra jobs to meet the family's demands. Three years passed before I received an opportunity to attend a public technical school. Despite my poor background, my siblings and I was breed to respect, to love one another, to treat people equally regardless of tribe, race, or religion, to value leadership and to possess a mission in life. These orientation and life lessons have pioneered my efforts towards becoming a responsible and successful citizen. Thus, the saying "To whom who much is given, much is expected."

As the adage goes "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush", I took education as my main priority neglecting all short cuts to success. My commitment to my studies led me into discovering my passionate field of interest - to become a certified electrical and computer engineer adept in performing continuous improvement of quality, cycle time, and reliability of production equipment via hardware and software modifications. During my technical studies, I learnt circuit diagrams and technical activities ranging from hardware to software repairs. I enjoyed designing circuits and fixing malfunctioned electronic components under the supervision of lab technician and my role model, Mr. Nkpa. My work ethics earned me recognitions through various competitions and leadership positions held. I led the members of the JET club to victory during an interstate science competition and also emerged a winner in the National Mathematics competition.

Graduating amongst the top five in my class, I made plans to pursue electrical and computer engineering studies in a university but my financial instability hindered my decision. Luckily, I was selected by the Academic Board of my technical school to take the SAT examination. I passed in flying colors and received an admission to study Math and Computer Science under a dean's scholarship at Voorhees College. I maximized various avenues via enrollment in various students network to increase professional growth at Voorhees College. I was the secretary of the Student in Free Enterprise (SIFE), participated in "Rock for Dough" golf project, a fundraising to support less privileged kids at Augusta, Georgia, and presented projects at regional competitions. Being the Public Relations Officer of the Rotaract Club, an affiliation of Rotary International, I mentored the Denmark Olar high school students via "Reach One Teach One" project, participated in fund raisings for polo victims and community sanitation. In addition, I was a residential assistant of Guerry Finaly dormitory, a peer tutor and a member of the Honors society at Voorhees College.

Last summer, I interned at an environmental program hosted by US department of Energy; my academic and non academic excellence earned me a spot in the annual interns' environmental awareness report video on USDE website. Currently a transfer student studying Physics and Computer Science and enrolled in a 3-2 Engineering Program at Dillard University, I am a peer tutor in the Student Support Services, Global Scholar Association member and participant in the Louisiana Alliance Minority Program (LAMP) currently conducting a research on the mechanism of solar panels. All this activities adds to my knowledge as well as diversity and increases my flexibility mode to become diverse in various fields.

The humanitarian alms that I have received in attaining to an unprecedented height have inspired me to comprehend that life is about giving back to Mother Nature. To me, there is no greater joy or more fulfilling moments than an individual to be the change he/she wished to see in the world. I hope to promote world peace via a diverse organization that will foster civil engagement and community building through implementation global cultural enlightenment campaign projects and collaboration with International agencies to solicit funding for provision of basic amenities: adequate health care systems, food, drugs, clean water, shelter etc, in poorest and disaster affected world regions such as Somalia.

In conclusion, my aforementioned goals are straightforward and clearly stated. Quite clear that Rome wasn't built in a day, I know that achieving my ambition is not going to be an easy one but I believe that through a virtuous cycle of commitment, my goal will be accomplished. I anticipate a candid decision of my application for Dominion Diversity Scholarship.

wraithseeker 3 / 8  
Oct 13, 2011   #2
Your essay seems really detailed and well prepared and I also agree that careers can't be built in a day as well.
Rashad 3 / 8  
Oct 29, 2011   #3
I took education as my main priority neglecting all short cuts to success - this is too general, be specific.!

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