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The selection panel will want to understand how your proposed study will assist you in your career.

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Respected seniors, Please suggest how I can improve this essay ? your help will mean a lot to me !

Career Plan Commonwealth Scholarship

The selection panel will want to understand how your proposed study will assist you in your career. Describe the skills that you expect to gain from this scholarship, and your career plans once you return home afterwards.

According to the DFID report 2018-19, 53% of the total aid from the UK to Pakistan was focused on Human capital development. I wish to contribute to this cause by joining Planning and Development Department and start professional development programs for the final year university students where their professional skills will be developed to meet the demands of the business environment. These programs will focus not only on the professional but also on the personal development such as Communication, Teamwork, and creative thinking.

I have experience in training and development and I also have done training needs analysis of the various companies. I have good knowledge of the technical and soft skills requirements of the business sectors and deficiencies that are generally found in the employees. I will leverage on my professional exposure, skill and knowledge gained regarding policy making from my Masters Course combined with the authority of the federal institution to make Pakistani youth more prolific and increase their options for income generation.

I will also develop policies to incorporate skill development in the curriculum of secondary school system.This policy will help the 65% of the youth population that does not have access to higher education. Most of this youth remains useless or engage in anti-development activities without contributing anything to the national economy. If we are able to train these at the secondary level then this trained workforce can be used in projects such as CPEC or we can export this workforce to increase our foreign reserves.

Institutions building is a major project of the DFID Pakistan for which it is working closely with the federal and provincial governments of Pakistan to build capacity, improve public sector institutions and tackle corruption.

My long term goal is to become Secretary P&D Pakistan and work on federal level. My main objective in this role would be to associate the compensation and benefits with performance standards by implementing performance appraisal system in public institutions. At current no such system is in place which is one of the main reasons that state institutions do not perform like any private organization where there is motivation to perform better and punishment for poor performance. This is called positive and negative reinforcement in Psychology that can be used to change behavior of any individual.

I would like to use management by objectives system for performance appraisal where annual objectives will be set on three levels organization, department and individual. Instead of fixed annual increments and bonuses (current practice) compensation and benefits will be linked to the percentage of objectives met. This will provide a motivation level to state employees to think out of the box and get rid of their monotonous professional behavior to perform better and give better services to general public.

Both my immediate and ultimate career plans of institution building and youth development in Pakistan are not only are in line with the interests of Commonwealth, but also related to the recent support by the UK government.

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