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Self introduction for KGSP; education; motivations, experience; reason for study in Korea

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Mar 23, 2014   #1
Please some one correct my mistakes....

Your course of life, your view of life, study background, your hopes & wishes, etc
-Your education and work experience, etc., in relation to the KGSP program
-Your motivations for applying for this program
-Reason for study in Korea

This is Md Sajal Ashraf. I came from a lower middle class family of Bangladesh. From the very beginning of my life I was keen interested to electrical equipment. My father is a simple farmer but his dream was not simple at all. Being a farmer he wishes to be a father of an engineer. My parents taught me how to be success in life at an unfriendly environment. That`s why after completing my Secondary school education I was sent to the city for high school admission although it was out of our financial ability. I work hard to carry on my study and support myself from that age. When I passed H.S.C (Higher school certificate) with a good result then my dream grew higher. From my high school life I had to live at dormitory leaving my family. So I had to do all of my domestic works myself form then till now.

I spent four years at Southeast University, pursuing my degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and finally graduated with CGPA 3.56(out of 4) an honors degree in December 2013. During these four years, in addition to my involvement with university academics, I also had myself engaged in extracurricular activities. I lead an university club named "Electrical and Electronic club" as a president for one year and participate at many inter universities competition based on science project such as electronic blind grad, optical and mobile signal dictator etc and also organized some seminars. I also done a Controller design for DC motor speed control based on MATlab which was my research in BSc.

Nowadays, South Korea is becoming extremely popular all over the world. It already created its position at the upper level in the world in the sector of technology and research. Through my friend I came across a Korean young teacher in Bangladesh. I impressed with his behavior an overall their culture. So wish to study in Korea.

At last, I will conclude with my future plans. I have the ambition to conduct research, later, in the field of engineering. I'd like to contribute to welfare of humanity in an efficient way. A Bachelor Degree, then a Master Degree, then a PhD: this is how I envision my academic progress. Perhaps in the future I might have myself a place in a well know university or company conducting research and obtaining some degree of influence over actual challenges -that is, becoming a problem solver myself in the near future.

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