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Letter of Self introduction for KGSP 2017 - Motivation leads to success

winwin93 1 / -  
Mar 6, 2017   #1
Hello, EssayForum! I am Vietnamese girl. I want to apply for KGSP Scholarship in Korea in University track.
Please assist me for a better my essay. Thank you!

Korean Wave has become an integral part of me

Growing up in a normal working class, I barely saw my parents at home. My dad is a custom officer who worked away home. Mom is a secondary teacher who left home very early to late night. She did many jobs outside of school from selling clothes to doing farm in summer time. My parents shed their blood, sweat and tears just to give me the best education that they could. They wanted me to study at home by myself, but I read comic books, played video games and watched cartoon instead. That was all my childhood. I drew my favorite characters on books, floors and walls. Therefore, my parents sent me to art classes hoping that I will become an architect.

I've come to realize that only one single motivation is strong enough to push us through difficulties, no matter what it is, as long as we know what we want to do, we are possible to succeed. For 10 years, I tried hard to accomplish my parent's dream. All I had to do was excel in math, physic and drawing, which was the preparation for the university entrance exam. As expected, I passed with a fairly high score in HCMC University of Architecture, one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam. However, I quitted after the freshman year majoring in Urban design. Since I looked back at myself. More than just drawing, I love creating. I want to be able to express myself on which has the power to transform things, culture and identity. That's the power of design and media which appears on advertising, film, animation and technologies. I enrolled for Digital Media in RMIT University as they are renowned for its expertise in communication and design. My parents were upset but they soon understood and supported me. They traded off our rice field to sent me abroad after 1 year in RMIT Vietnam because my dad believes that investment in education pays the best interest.

While in Australia, things changed so much quickly. I has became idealistic. I worked part time to pay for my accommodation. Instead of studying for result, I studied for my career which means I improved what I do best and ignore the rest. In RMIT, I did well in courses related to visual aesthetic and art direction. Besides photography, I'm good at brand identity and publication which got me in semifinalist of ADDA 2016 in both Fine art Graphic design and Photography categories. With a solid design background, I was fortunate to work part time in a website design agency after finishing sophomore year for 3 months during spring holiday. In the final year, although I have no interest in production, I accepted an internship in a Film agency to get an insight about production process in 2 months. To finish my internship, I continued in Bastion Collective which is a professional creative agency. This was where I officially transformed myself into a graphic designer and from university to professional environment. I got to work with and devoted boss and helpful coworker. They shared me thought and meaningful conversation. They taught me how to effectively cooperate in a team as well as individually. Even I wasn't the main designer but I was in the Australian Open design project and it was great to see our work everywhere in the city. After graduating, although there are a few invitations to work in Vietnam, I don't want to go back because I'm still wanting to study and improving myself. This time, I want to further my study in Korea, a little country is made of talented and inspirational people.

For 8 years, Korean Wave has become an integral part of me. Day by day, seeing Korean people work hard to pursue their dreams and changing their lives has left so much inspiration in me. Along with the preservation of national culture and history monuments, the endeavor of the Koreans makes me admire them more than anything. They are always good at spreading their spirit, culture and reputation in whatever they do. From entertainment industry to economy. On top of that, Korean take education very serious, especially higher education. Graduates from Korean universities are highly sought after by employers all over the world and also it will put me at the front of the game if I want a career there. Those are reasons why I decided to sign up for this the Korean Government Scholarship Program 2017.
nana123 1 / 6  
Mar 6, 2017   #2
i think your self introduction is OK.
below is my correction,

... worked away from home.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,531 3447  
Mar 7, 2017   #3
Van, please discuss what where you are currently located and what form of employment you have there. You need to make sure that you represent your most recent employment, your skills developed, and its relation to your desire to learn more about the Korean Wave. What is the motivation that pushes you to study in Korea? If it is the Korean Wave then explain how the Korean, entertainment and culture has affected your life and how it changed your mindset regarding your profession. These should be the motivating factors behind your desire to join the KGSP. The reason for your studies in Korea should however, go beyond just the influence of the Korean Wave. How to you hope to grow your skills and what do you hope to learn by studying in this particular university. Since you are applying via the university track, you need to make a specific discussion about your perceived reasons for wanting to enroll in this university. That means that you also have to mention the masters degree that you wish to enroll in since you haven't mentioned it anywhere else in the essay.

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