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Self Presentation letter - KGSP (mechanical engineering)

IsaSK 1 / -  
Feb 18, 2019   #1
Although the application is only at the end of the year, I'm already doing it, thanks for the help :)

Studying in Korea would open my horizons

My name is Isabela Silva de Campos, I am 17 years old and I am Brazilian. I was born in Caçapava, in the interior of São Paulo. I always liked the technological and industrial area, because since my childhood I watched my grandfather to fix objects and create a lot of things that made our life easier. Although I prefer subjects that involve the area of mathematics I do not have difficulties with the other subjects, therefore I do not see the study like something obligatory, but rather pleasurable. I am dedicated, I like to work in a group and I do everything I can to help others.

My mother and father are divorced and I currently live with my mother and grandmother. Until I was 14 years old I had only studied in private schools, but when I went to high school, my mother was demissed and my father was not well financially, so I had to go to a public school. I decided to apply for a school where the high school is integrated with the certificate course, in my case it was a mechanic course, I took the test to join it, and I was in 10th place and every month I received diplomas of the best student.

To conclude my school education I am doing a project of a prosthesis, aiming at the great amount of accidents in factories and the consequences of a life without some member.

Asian culture really helped me since my childhood, because I was very shameful, so as a way of creating subjects with other people I started to watch Asian cartoons and dramas, which definitely transformed my life because I was really interested in a totally different reality of which I lived, it was a new language, new habits, everything new.

I chose mechanical engineering, because I have previous knowledge of the area, thanks to my school, and this made me acquire a great curiosity about how things work, or what it would be like if I did this and then did that to improve the use of something. I believe in the power of machines, because I know how they make the man move forward, they create great products, generate great profits, but the advances never stop, constantly new mechanical designs have to be made and that is exactly what I love, how something good can get better and more technological.

I see this career as a great challenge as well, since it is composed of a large number of men, and I, as a woman, I am sure that I know how to do to stand out and overcome these barriers so that the female voice becomes more present in the areas industries.

Studying in Korea would open my horizons in immeasurable ways, because it is a country with a rich culture, it presents excellent industries, great machines, it is a country that believes and has been transformed by education and in constant advance, besides being a country where security is made very present, which brings me a lot of confidence.

Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Feb 19, 2019   #2
Isabela, try to approach the writing of the self presentation for the undergrad scholarship in a manner similar to that of the graduate scholarship so that you can have a more directed essay that informs the reviewer of key points in your background that could be relevant to your application. Some of the topics that you can discuss, which will be relevant to your application are:

Motivations with which you apply for this program
Your education and work experience in relation to the KGSP
Reason for studying in Korea
Any other aspects of your background and interests

For the motivation part, you can explain how you have always wanted to become a mechanical engineer and what influenced that decision. The education aspect should relate to your high school technical school experience. The work experience can be a discussion of the foundation of your practical mechanical engineer training at the school. Your reason for studying in Korea should relate to the engineering accomplishments of Korea in the field of cars (Hyundai, Kia) or other related fields. As for the other aspects, you should develop your discussion about why you wrote a thesis paper about artificial limbs and how that applies to your interest in mechanical engineering.

The combination of these discussions should represent you as a dedicated, hard-working, imaginative, and potentially, exemplary mechanical engineer who just needs a chance to have a good education. That should be a part of the reason why you want to study in Korea.

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