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Senior Teacher at the University of Adelaide and Monash University? Why?

Kyaw Min 1 / -  
Jan 25, 2021   #1

Why did you choose your proposed course and institution?

My strong intentions to improve our education system motivate me to carry on my career, Senior Teacher, purposefully although I have been facing many challenges under ineffective administration, inappropriate student-teacher ratio and insufficient educational resources in rural schools. Since Myanmar had been influenced by the centralized system and military rule for many years, it impacts negatively on teacher leaders' leadership styles and management skills. Now, Myanmar is leading to decentralized management and democratic society. So, it needs leaders who recognize the culture of transparency, inclusiveness and accountability in education, to raise the awareness of effective leadership and collective decision making among teachers for addressing key challenges of the current education system. To help my country develop teacher quality and quality education system, I need to be qualified with certain technical skills and leadership abilities. Thus, I decided to build my capacity through further studies. Then, I researched the Master of Education (Leadership and Management) courses offered at various universities in Australia. I believe that the course will make my leadership and management more strengthen to help teachers develop their leadership competencies by providing a critical understanding of theories and practice. Further, the course will extend my expertise and make me a specialist leader in an educational organization.

Regarding institutions, the University of Adelaide and Monash University have a high reputation and they create a very good learning environment for personal and professional development. Besides, the courses given in these universities meet my interests and needs. Moreover, I would build good relationships with other international students for bringing valuable knowledge and new ideas to the Myanmar Education System. For these reasons, I choose these universities to improve my professional expertise and to fulfill the gaps in education reform.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,301 3340  
Jan 26, 2021   #2
Your backstory is too long. Summarize that part and immediately present the reasons why you chose this masters course instead. The essay should start with:

I chose to study Master of Education... because my country is...

The university choice discussion must be individualized. There are specific reasons that you chose each university. They cannot share the same profile. Otherwise, you could have chosen one university. Discuss the differences based on the varying program focus per university. That way you show that you have actually researched the universities based on academic and professional considerations rather than just picking them out of a hat or popularity on the internet search engines.

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