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To serve my country - UGRAD exchange program why am I a great participant for this program

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Feb 6, 2021   #1

scholarship application essay

Hello from one of the oldest region of Georgia, Kakheti which is distinguished by its wine culture and deep history of winemaking. wherein one small village, one little ambitious girl from her vineyards is thinking about the field of vision, challenges and difficulties. Whose mind is a flood of thoughts that whisper.." Hey knock you off your feet get in there and be bold with your abilities, and found a way to serve your country and side". Thoughts are powerful, that's why we have to start getting our mind right and then take action. I undoubtedly share this vision and consider that this is one of the determinant formulae of success.

The Development of your consciousness truly depends on you. I try to make deeply my self-actualization and I plan every step as one of the main connecting bridges with my dreams. It's important for me to be productive every day, so I make the daily life plan it helps me to make appropriate time management, makes me more organized and suitable for this program.

One of the Circumstances that make my candidate more acceptable is my presence in the band as a vocalist, where arise my communication skills and self-confidence. In my music band I am the person who leads all the others. It is the place where I am working on the best ways to communicate my vision to others and listening to ideas. The Consequence of these activities is that I gain more self-awareness and learn how to step outside my own self-interests.

More interesting stories in my life started when I realized what I am the kind of person for whom challenges and obstacles are important for development. I understand the importance of life difficulties when I decide face to face my inner fears and tried to become an intern in one of the big Wine Factory Chateau Mukhrani, where I was chosen unexpectedly. In this factory I had to deal with my mental and physical strain.

In response to the main topic I want to say that, I am a hard-working person, who isn't afraid of difficulties and wants to get a lot out of the way. "to serve my country which has an 8000- year history of winemaking" is my main purpose. I am a suitable candidate for the UGRAD Exchange program because, I want to acquire more leadership skills that I use back to my oldest region where my roots belong to and my American experience will help me to lead it.

My desperate willingness to serve my country in the future pushes me to walk through this path. especially the small region where my family originally come from, which is right now under the shadows and has demands and expectations from me as a young leader, full of new American experiences, who want to be the motivation and power for hopeless inhabitants. This is the way I want to use my set of skills and became a firmly deep-rooted and pivotal motivator for my region.

To taking everything into account, I want to seek out the most contentious polarized gridlocked places I can find because so often throughout our history those have been the main places where the rooted progress really happens, and in my deepest belief The United States of America and the UGRAD program is exactly this place. It's my own crucial life button I have to press.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,325 3355  
Feb 7, 2021   #2
The first part of the presentation makes you sound like a beauty pageant contestant. You may want to rethink that opening. It doesn't work very well. It is laughable in the wrong way. The first paragraph should be more effective than that. You should use the first paragraph to exemplify the kind of leadership activity you have had in your local community, which would have represented you as a future leader in your country.

You have not presented any information in this essay that actually qualifies you for the program. Your participation in the band as a vocalist would work better in a college application than the cut-throat Global UGrad program. The participants in this program tend to be young civic leaders looking to further expand their leadership abilities and points of view based on an international interaction with the other program participants, host families, and host country.

What is your vision for your country or the vineyard industry you are a part of? How have you contributed to the positive changes in this field? Why do you consider these activities a part of what qualifies you as a candidate for this program? What can you contribute to the program in terms of cultural exchange and world education? How have you proven yourself to be a leader worthy of a chance at international relations exposure? These are some of the terms of the program that you need to consider when you revise your essay.

Your current presentation is not very good. It is more of half presentations that lack in focus and results. You are selling yourself as a dreamer rather than as a doer. While it is not bad to be a dreamer, it is more important to ensure that you sell yourself as someone who can lead, interact with people from diverse backgrounds, and build an international network or relationship that you can take home with you to help you further improve your cause.

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