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There are several reasons why I choose United Kingdom to pursue my further study

vania 7 / 12 2  
Oct 25, 2018   #1

Study in Uk

Outline why you have selected your chosen three university courses, and explain how this relates to your previous academic or professional experience and your plans for the future. Please do not duplicate the information you have entered on the work experience and education section of this form (minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

There are several reasons why I choose United Kingdom to pursue my further study. The UK always been my first choice for higher education as it got a range of world-leading universities with courses offered in English, which is an advantage for international students. UK is a place where many start-ups have successfully going global. For instance, Uber and Airbnb have significant impact for many countries. Therefore, I want to have access to learn from many professionals and experienced entrepreneurs to enhance my knowledge in business. Furthermore, I always fascinated by United Kingdom culture that was reflected through music from British band in the 60s. Growing up, I was influenced by my grandfather who is a fan of the Beatles, this what makes me curious about United Kingdom since I was a kid.

‚ÄčI choose MSc in University of Bristol as my first choice because of its reputation in Business study, exposure to many start-ups through Bristol Entrepreneurs, unique modules that use design approach. Furthermore, I choose MSc Entrepreneurship in Warwick University, and MSc Entrepreneurship in Cardiff University as first and second respectively considering Finance, innovation, and marketing subject, which are three main challenging parts when I ran a business. The increasingly various market challenges plus the lack of knowledge in terms of managing innovation for business, quality control, finance and marketing in context of entrepreneurship are difficulties that I faced when running a fashion business other creative business.

I'm looking for Master program that is designed to develop my entrepreneurial skills in establishing an impacful business. My working experiences in various professional fields and having education background in accounting will be incomplete without the combination of entrepreneurship knowledge that I gain from the Master study. I hope that after the study I can be an asset to contribute in further business cooperation between United Kingdom and Indonesia. Chevening Scholarship is a great platform that will open the door for new opportunities in business cooperation.

Career Plan
One essay at one time, please

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Oct 25, 2018   #2
For Study in UK
1. Your first paragraph should introduce about your education background, why you need a further study and what drives you towards it
2. Use separate three paragraphs to explain each of your three choices.When you do so try show how well you know about the modules and other things, also how it is beneficiary for you

For Career Plan
1. Honestly I don't understand the relevance of paragraph 1 and 2
2. Paragraph three is good but try to separate your short and long term plans clearly (with separate paragraphs) and It would be best if start from it

3. On your last paragraph it will nice to add one sentence on what you will contribute to the chevening network

These are my opinions you can see similar essays and comments given by contributors
best of luck
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,305 2862  
Oct 26, 2018   #3
Vania, this is not a highly informative study plan. A Chevening UK study plan needs to be based on your academic background being presented in the first part of the essay. Showing the reviewer that you have the academic foundation in relation to your chosen courses will help you instill a confidence in him that you have what it takes to complete any of the courses you have listed.

Immediately following that, you have to present your professional history, specially those duties and responsibilities that you have which create a relationship between your current career training and your ability to perform as a student. Dedication to your work, a deep understanding of how you want to increase your employment potential, and why you chose the UK to study at all fall under this discussion, in separate paragraphs.

Your university and course choices should never be presented in a single paragraph. You must indicate each university and course as a stand alone paragraph. The paragraph has to show an analysis of why you chose the university based on specific academic and professional backgrounds on your part that relate to the course, which then has to relate to your future career plans or, at least explains how the course can help you perform better in your professional field.

Write a new essay that better offers required information from you as the applicant in order to create the kind of study in the UK plan that a Chevening reviewer might pay attention to.

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