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Shaping Public Discourse Through Journalism - QUESTBRIDGE CPS

joshdaposh 1 / -  
Mar 19, 2023   #1
Tell us about a concept, theory, or topic you have explored simply because it sparked your intellectual curiosity.

Why do you find it intriguing? How do you want to explore it further?

(200 word limit)

As I delved into the Las Vegas Review Journal, searching for a new topic as a student reporter, my curiosity was sparked by the concept of shaping public discourse and holding those in power accountable for their injustices. As someone who has witnessed firsthand the social injustice inflicted upon my African-American friends, I was eager to explore how using reporting to hold those in power accountable could potentially effect positive change in our society.

Guided by the wisdom of my article editors and inspired by interviews with friends and teachers, I have come to understand that journalism has the power to drive social change and motivate public action. To extend my knowledge in this area of journalism, I have began to weave together articles that amplify the voices of those who have suffered injustice in my Korean community.

As I continue to pursue this concept, I envision myself interning at the Las Vegas Review Journal and learning from experienced journalists who report on injustices throughout the state. I aspire to partake in journalistic endeavors such as investigative reporting and feature writing, all in the hopes of using my voice to hold those in power accountable and bring about a brighter tomorrow for all.

I will take ANY advice!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,744 4514  
Mar 19, 2023   #2
You are over the maximum count by 3 words so you will need to revise one sentence presentation to come down to the 200 word requirement. You are at liberty to choose which sentence you believe you can reword without affecting the rest of the paper. That happens sometimes. The good news is that you do not have to revise the whole essay, just a portion of it.

Las Vegas Review Journal,

If you want to revise the whole paper, then maybe explain why you opted to use the Las Vegas Review Journal as a topic source for your school paper. Surely there is a personal interest that led to this choice so it would help if the screener knew about it. It would help better explain how you developed your mindset as represented throughout the essay.

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