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Social studies and the effect Mr.A had on me

Jan 9, 2011   #1
Prompt:- Discuss the subjects with which you had difficulty. What factors do you believe contributed to your difficulties? How have you dealt with them so they will not cause problems for you again? In what areas have you experienced the greatest improvement? What problem areas remain?

any spelling or grammar mistakes, focus, boring any thing will help thank you.

I didn't have a preference of class until fourth grade. Until fourth grade I had the same teacher for all five subjects I was supposed to take. Then it was time for my amazing teacher of four years Mr. M to transfer to another school. We were young, we didn't understand why Mr. M had to leave. So all of my classmates including me, greeted the new teacher, Mr. A, who was a preacher in the school's boarding school and Catholic Church with a hatred. Mr. A wasn't the nicest teacher ever; he needed some anger management treatments and, of course, our attitude towards him didn't help. He wasn't assigned to teach all courses but Bible study and social studies. He began his career by threatening one of the kids in my class that he will throw him out the window if he doesn't follow orders.

Throughout the year every one had the chance to be threatened by Mr. A, some more than others. Every day was another day to look forward to his whipping stick and terrorizing words. He had reasons to punish students but his reason wasn't justifiable. He had the expectation we should finish hundred pages of notes including maps and drawings every night. We were fourth graders and I failed asleep before I was done coping half way, same was true for all of the other kids. There for, every coming day the class hour was done while Mr. A gave the punishment to all the students who hadn't done the assignment, every one.

Mr. A didn't have all bad trait and keeping his promise was one of his best traits. He got a raise every year along with our class; He followed me through ninth grade in every social studies class, just as he promised in fourth grade. He whipped every one with stick and a whip with a stick to the palm was normal in Ethiopia but more than palm Mr. A's whip hit on the head and on the back and on every part of the body Mr. A could find while the student was getting the punishment. More than all, the "lift ride" by the ear and the slam against the walls was the most painful. But for six years I had six different text books to copy and learned nothing.

Without any knowledge of geography or history courses my hatred of social studies class grew deeper throughout the six years. It even followed me to the United States when I moved during my freshman year. Mr. A didn't move with me, but a new teacher didn't make me enjoy social studies any better. After moving to the U.S. all I had left of Ethiopia was the books written about her, Google earth image and my memories. My interest to reconnect with my country and my friends left back home initiated me to read history.

After reading many history books; reading history became like a hobby I enjoy spending free time on and when I have assignment from my vicious history classes I see them as a follow up history I'm reading about a country. That way I didn't have to think of taking history class as being tied back to Mr. A. Mr. A's evil personality and six years of torture wasn't going to consume me; they say if you are told some thing many times you start believing it, though Mr. A have told me how dumb and stupid and many more things that I am I have learned to tell my self I am good enough and I am smart twice as much as any body telling me other wise. Because of Mr. A I might never be great at social studies but doctors don't need to know when every war and Versailles happened to be great doctors. In the other hand they need to be emotionally stable against all odds and challenges; Mr. A thought me exactly how to do that at a young age.

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You need a pair of commas to separate thename:
Then it was time for my amazing teacher of four years, Mr. M, to transfer to another school.

Here is a sentence that needs a little revision: He began his career by threatening one of the kids, saying he would throw him out the window if he did not follow orders.----I fixed it!

He had reasons to punish students but his reason wasn't they were not justifiable.

Mr. A didn't have all bad traits, and keeping his promise was one of his best traits.

... though Mr. A have has told me ...

In On the other hand, they need to be ...


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