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"A sound track of excellence and dedication"; Statement of purpose (max 500 words) - UK scholarship

salmamza85 1 / 1  
Apr 14, 2018   #1
I wish to get the scholarship to study master's degree in University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

PTDF scholarship sop

I obtained bachelor of engineering (Hons.) in Electrical and Electronics with second class upper division. My good result was because of hard work and determination. My parents were poor farmers with little education. With the poor financial status of my parent, I could hardly match the financial demands of my studies. I had to made Library my second home and keep good friends that would be of help to me. I remain focused and dedicated to my academic activities until I achieved my target.

After my graduation, I had participated in two successful national assignments, voters card registration exercise and general election in 2011.
Thereafter, I got job with a construction company (OSAKS DigiCom Nigerian Limited) as Assistant Electrical Engineer, to design and supervise electric wiring and installation of house. In my three-year work experience with OSAKS DigiCom Nigerian Limited, I was opportune to enhanced my leadership skills and greatly improved on my computer skills in AutoCAD and Microsoft office.

Currently I am working with Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) as System Operator in Ganmo Area Control Center, Ilorin, Kwara State. In System Operation, we work as a team so as not to create any room for mistake in every of our operations to achieve our common goal of operating the national grid safely for reliable and quality transmission of electricity to customers.

Moreover, I am almost two years old in the system and I got to understand that someone learn faster in a team work. I can now carry out a lot of operations successfully without supervision. Working as a team has helped me developed a strong work ethic and professional skills. Whenever I face challenge I my operations I always run to my experienced colleagues for advice.

Out of passionate desire to know in-depth and build on my career, I also aspire to obtain the qualification of Doctorate degree (PhD.) in no distant time. But due to financial constrain that is why I need the scholarship. I want to study master's degree in Energy and Power System, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

University of Liverpool is renowned for the quality of its teaching and research. Besides, Energy and Power System course modules are developed with industry partners to provide students with a career focused degree. In view of these, I stand a better chance to acquire in-depth knowledge of electrical power generation, transmission, distribution and networks, smart grid, high voltage engineering and research and management skills. I will equally have a lifetime opportunity to gain an internationally recognized and respected academic qualification, whilst at the same time experiencing life in a culturally rich and diverse environment. Hence, this qualification (MSc) will not only boost my career and set me on the track of achieving my aspiration but will also have a great impact in shaping the future of the power industry.

On my returned after the program, I promised to continue from where I stopped with a sound track of excellence and dedication.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,989 3871  
Apr 15, 2018   #2
Bulus, the actual purpose of your application is missing from the essay. As the title of the essay is Statement of Purpose, you actually have to explain the reasons why you are interested in pursuing this masters degree based on academic and professional goals. What you have written here is a personal statement, not a statement of purpose. So you will have to go back and write a totally new essay. The new essay should cover some important information relevant to your application such as :

1. What you studied in college and any academic recognitions to had at the time.
2. Your most relevant work experiences in relation to your chosen masters degree. Indicate any profession related recognition whenever possible.
3. What you believe to be the most pressing problem in your line of work at this time.
4. Why you believe that completing a masters degree in this course will help you to address this problem upon your return.
5. Why you chose to enroll in this particular university based on your personal academic and professional criteria.
6. How you plan to apply your new knowledge in your workplace.

These are the required elements of the statement of purpose. Most of these information are not represented in your essay so you will need to write a new one that is based upon the above guidelines.
OP salmamza85 1 / 1  
Apr 15, 2018   #3
@ Holt, i am very happy with your observations. i will do as you said. Thanks.

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