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Space - Essay FOR Australian Award Scholarship

Risty1994 1 / -  
Apr 26, 2017   #1
How did you choose your proposed course and institution*?

Spatial Engineering

I did study about Spatial Engineering, including Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing in my Bachelor Degree. Back then, I've already taken an interest in disaster resilient and its management. After graduated, I'd been working as a Geodetic Engineer Staff who responsible for checking the image quality after processing with a spatial software, such as PCI Geomatica or ENVI. Besides that, I also obligated to ensure the spatial maps were done according to the standard of procedure. Thanks to that, I found remote sensing and image processing is quite intriguing. One day, I would like to combine GIS and Remote Sensing to find the best way to manage and prevent disaster, since my country, Indonesia, tends to have catastrophic disaster. In the first place, I intended to pick Master of Disaster Preparedness and Reconstruction, University of Newcastle as my first priority after searching some universities with the major related to disaster. However, I didn't find what I would like to study in their course lists. Therefore, I explored other institutions that have GIS and Remote Sensing material in their course lists. Even if it won't have disaster-related-courses, I could still learn it for disaster prevention. So after searching throughout their course lists and program outlines, I choose Master of Engineering Science, University of South Wales (UNSW) as my first priority. At first, I was confused whether to select Master of Engineering Science-UNSW or Master of Geographic Information Science-UWA (University of Western Australia) as my first selection. UWA focused more in GIS and Remote Sensing, since this course is under Faculty of Science. But, in the end, because my prior background was engineering, my final selection goes to UNSW as the first one and UWA as the second one. I am actually quite interested in Master of GIS and Remote Sensing - Charles Stunt University (CSU), Unfortunately, they didn't have on-campus mode for this course-only distance education.

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