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Aug 1, 2022   #1
Hello, i wish for applying this year GKS. It will be a huge helped to me for you to checked my essay. Thank you in advanced.

these are the instructions.
- Motivations with which you apply for this program
- Family and Education background
- Significant experiences you have had; risks you have taken and achievements you have made, persons or
events that have had a significant influence on you
- Extracurricular activities such as club activities, community service activities or work experiences
- If applicable, describe awards you have received, publications you have made, or skills you have acquired,

Personal Statement

A certain experienced has made "teaching" become something special for me. For it is not just about giving material and telling the students about how 1+1=2. It is also about moving one's heart and touching one's soul. Thus, many teacher from where I came from forgot about this sole purpose in teaching. Not only it is considered as a last resort in a career path, the value of a teacher is also underappreciated, that's causing many potential human resources to think twice before becoming a teacher. It saddens me as someone who took teaching seriously.

Even if that kind of perspective has been running for a long time, still, my dreams in becoming a teacher to contribute in the education world won't change. With that being said, learning in a country that valued it education like Korea, would be my very first big step in achieving my goals. Not only it has many top universities in Asia, Korea is also a country that takes a "teacher" as something valuable and honorable job. With being one of a top country that has the best education system, it will definitely give an amazing learning experienced. And by this point, GKS is the only thing that can help me in pursuing this goal. Not only helping in achieving my dreams, it would also help the development of education from where I came from by supporting someone who pursuits in education world.

Aside from achieving my dream, ofcourse seeing the financial support that the GKS has offered is also one of my main reason to apply for this program. I was born in a family with two sibling, me as the older sister. A brother, a mother, and a father that has passed away 5 years ago. With such condition, my mother doesn't have any choice but to act as both father and mother that makes her went to work far away across the country to support me and my brother. As for where I'm staying now, our grandparents took care of us. Seeing how hard my mother worked, I can't help myself but to make her proud by trying my best in my studies.

Starting my education background in elementary school. I have always love studying English. That makes English as my favorite subject. My parents can not afford in giving me a private tutor to study English, so I learnt it by myself. Aside from studying at school, I went to the school library just to find a book with English translation for myself to read. Even though I can't understand it at that time.

Continuing to junior high, English still holds as my favorite subject. Different from my elementary school, my junior high school takes English lesson as something serious. They often offer a student to follow a competition. An English competition. There are times where I followed my 1st competition. It was English speech competition. I remember it was an elementary school English teacher that teach and trained me during the competition. It was a really amazing experience where I had to practice and write my first speech for 2 weeks nonstop. And with that, I win my first English speech competition in a whole province. Along my junior years, I followed many English competition and win almost all of it, which makes me sure that maybe, English is my passion.

That's when, in my senior years, i started to learnt deeply about English. Not only grammatically, but i also intended to boost my public speaking skill. Since winning some of the competition that include public speaking as a main component, i started to take this skill seriously. I often look for my English teacher to help me increasing my skills. But unfortunately, many of my English teacher moved to another school because, as i mentioned in the beginning of my essay, many people took this profession as something undemanding. That makes the teacher had to look for it's values by moving from one place to another.

In a beginning of my essay, I've told that teaching holds a special place in me. Well, it all begin when an English teacher in my junior high school started to contacted me. Her name is Miss Nicky. She asked me about helping her with teaching some of her private english course student. It was an English online class. I was happy and shocked at the same time. I mean, yes I would love to try it but I've never teach before, then why the sudden invite. Miss Nicky said that I'm capable of helping her with teaching some of her students. After explaining this and that, i said yes to her offered and she ask me to joint in one of a class, immediately. It was another surprising moment. However, i joint, and that is the first time that i met someone as a teacher.

Miss Nicky started to introduced me to the student. She was in 2nd grade of elementary school. I started on introducing myself with a really bright smile which is really awkward because the student won't even smile at me. I already felt the pressured. Miss Nicky continuing the class with some intro of what the lesson is about. It was English lesson, so everything needs to be in English. I observe how the meeting works. Like using the whiteboard on zoom, watching video from YouTube, typing on notepad to gave the notes for the students. It was a fun class.

As i was only observing on my first day, I also saw how the interaction between Miss Nicky and her student. At the beginning of the meeting she would ask a simple question such as "how are you today?", "have you eaten yet?", "have you taken a shower?". And she would continue by giving the student a little word to think about what are they gonna learn today. It was a simple interaction. But yet, i felt really comfortable. It was a little bit assertive at some point, but it also gave an encouraging vibe to the student.

After the end of the meeting, Miss Nicky called and asked me about how was the meeting. Seeing how Miss Nicky interact with the student, i don't know why but it gave me a little push to try teaching. When she asked me again about the offered, i agreed to help her. She was then gave me 6 students to teach within Monday-Sunday. A little surprised but i can't complaint in my very first session on teaching.

As expected, it was not easy as Miss Nicky makes it looked. The students is all sweet and all, but delivering the lesson naturally without any stump on words, I'd say i salute all the teacher in a world. Even sometimes I had to deal with their acting and it really test my patient. Not to mention that i had to prepared the study lessons, the materials, what activity that should we do. It was exhausting both mentally and physically. But I'm not planning on stopping. I'm doing as best as i can to adapt to the situation.

And after one month of teaching, i received something so special that makes me "oh, i want to keep teaching". It was when my students started to opened up to me about their dreams and hobbies. When they sparked a little light from their tiny eyes when they were starting to learn every new topic from me. It can't be received if the teacher only focusing only on transferring the materials. It can only be achieved by building trust and relationship between you and your students. That's what makes me fall for this profession.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,033 4249  
Aug 1, 2022   #2
The first thing that struck me in this essay was, aside from the missing family background, the applicant is applying to study education with a focus on English as the mode of language for teaching. While I understand that one can study overseas to become a teacher with any language focus, in this case, the GKS program sponsors students who will be taught using Hangul as the academic teaching language. Since the student does not show any inclination towards learning Hangul, does not have an actual motivation for studying in Korea, and does not seem to consider how she will further strengthen her English skills in a non-English speaking / learning environment, it will appear that the student is applying for the wrong scholarship. Had she changed the language focus to Hangul and proven a true interest in the academic ways of Korea, maybe this essay would have been useful. At the moment, it is not going to make it past the applicant documentation / qualifying round.
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Aug 1, 2022   #3
Thankyou so much! I will try to fix it
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Aug 3, 2022   #4
This seems to be good start, but as you said you love teaching you need to also point how how korea or gks is going to help in that matter.

Again the prompts provided in guidelines are missing like family background and how they help you with your goal.

Next it seems that the whole essay is only about motivation.

Miss nicky has been involved a lot in last 2-3 paras. Its good that she helped you a lot but then again don't do it much.

All the best
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Aug 3, 2022   #5

Subhratri 1 / 4  
Aug 7, 2022   #6
which makes me sure that maybe, English is my passion. you have written this line in your essay but i think if you are sure that english is your passion then why using 'maybe' . is'nt ?

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