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Personal Statement for Erasmus : Global Markets, Local Creativities Programme

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Jan 1, 2018   #1
The deadline is 12th of Jan, I am looking to submit it around the 9th of Jan, I have completed rest of the application, it would be of great help if I can get pointers from experts here.

Personal Statement for Erasmus

Pakistan is at the heart of the OBOR - One Belt One Road and Maritime Silk Road initiative, a transcontinental development project that integrates individual economies, transport infrastructure, and energy relations in the region. While such initiatives setup a "Global Value Chain" they lead to social, economic, technological and infrastructural challenges for a developing economy such as Pakistan.

Mr. Lawrence Summers, former director of Harvard University said, that "Global integration won't work if it means local disintegration". If this is the case, then what drives Globalization is the Development of individual countries, more specifically development of creative cities encouraging entrepreneurial activity and adaptation of business processes that compliment global practices. Pakistan to play its role more than just a transit route for developed economies must take such policy decisions to harness the potential of Globalization.

I am applying for the Global Markets, Local Creativities - Global Markets and Development pathway after searching for a Master's degree which amalgamates my education of Entrepreneurship, Business Management, and experience of Micro Development, Business and Project Management. The multidisciplinary coursework provides a holistic approach to deal with contemporary issues pertaining to Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and how they are affected by Globalization.

Pakistan's 63% population is classified as Youth and it is home to over 1.6 million refugees, there is a pressing need to work towards their education and employment. One of the prime challenges Pakistan faces due to OBOR initiative is access to cheaper labor and technology putting pressure on the local industry to compete internationally, on the other hand, Globalization has led to outsourcing of jobs to Pakistan. The creative industry or the "Orange economy" is Globally the 4th largest employer with 144 million workers and has an economic output of $4.3 trillion, while Pakistan has a mere .003% part in it despite producing over half a million graduates annually out of which 10,000 alone are in the field of Information Technology. To capitalize on this opportunity Pakistan should take policy decisions and invest in infrastructure development to create a conducive environment for trade and investment.

Pakistan can setup International Sister Cities or Town twinning projects where knowledge, technical expertise, and potential employment opportunities are shared leading to the solving of social problems and developing of efficient local businesses which can compete Globally in this new wave of Globalization.

During my undergraduate, I learned how Globalization affects individual economies, my final year research project "Identification of Speculative bubbles in the Stock market of SAARC countries" discussed the interdependencies between countries and the implications of how events in one country can have a far-reaching impact on another. In my courses of International Business and Macroeconomics, I applied the Malthusian "Theory of Population" in Pakistan's perspective to understand the effects of population growth and how it can be detrimental to Pakistan's economy if not effectively managed. The courses discussing the impact of a Globalized Economy and Development Economics complement my undergraduate in providing me with the knowledge and tools to understand and address economic implications of Globalization.

I joined United Nations Development Programme in September 2016 as a Project Consultant, where my work focused on the capacity development of our partner Small and Medium Enterprises and Vocational training providers. My work with SME's focused on developing efficient internal processes, Satellite training units and implementing Supplier Development programme to enhance local competitiveness. I have also worked with government institutions such as the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, Vocational Training Authority and National Incubation Center to develop business plans and provide continuous technical and functional support required to sustain Youth led startups, leading to increased employability and entrepreneurial development.

My proudest professional achievement is setting up a Skills training center with Caritas International for the religious minorities of Karachi, to setup the center I leveraged our projects partnerships and procured 10 industry standard stitching machines free of cost, one of our partners contributed with a power generator to remedy to constant power cuts. People from the proximate community were trained as Master Trainers. The cloth and training material was provided monthly by our partners in the garment industry as part of their CSR initiative. The center has developed a very dynamic eco-system where it sustains by covering its recurring costs through the entrepreneurial activity.

I have organized and led two separate consultations highlighting the importance of Youth Entrepreneurship and Vocational skills. I have also supervised Capstone projects of Undergraduate students on behalf of UNDP benefitting the project in identifying "areas of interventions" for project growth. My work and the project contribute to the UN - Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

My professional experience also includes an internship at Pakistan State Oil, the country's leading public-sector company, I have worked at an Aviation consultancy during my bachelors that helped me to financially support my studies. I later joined an I.T infrastructure company Multinet Pakistan where I was implementing photonic based solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises.

My dissertation would discuss how a developing country can benefit by investing in Business Incubators and Social Entrepreneurs. The discussion would also discuss the financial as well as the socio-cultural impact of the Entrepreneurial activity. The potential for Social Entrepreneurship in Pakistan is immense. Pakistan ranks 33rd on the Global giving index and in comparison, 120th on the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index. The yearly donation to charities amounts to over $5 billion according to Pakistan Peace Collective (PPC), even if a fraction of that amount can be diverted towards Social Entrepreneurship the effects could reverberate long-term changes in curbing poverty and unemployment. My professional experience of working with SME's and courses discussing the impact of Creative Cities and Emerging sectors will provide guidance for my dissertation.

Upon completing my masters, I aim to start a Social Business incubator in Karachi using the multidisciplinary knowledge and skills gained through the GLOCAL programme. Karachi being the 8th most populous city in the world has the potential to become the next Global city given its critical mass of educated Youth and diverse demographics. The incubator will focus on the cross-pollination of ideas and resources from different sectors leading to Clusters of creative minds enhancing the city's entrepreneurial culture. The incubator will help establish dynamic enterprises employing innovative business processes to sustain local competitiveness and play their part in the Global Value Chain. In addition, the incubator can also play a role in catalyzing entrepreneurial activity amongst refugees in Pakistan. My initiative will be a small but vital step towards the development of Karachi as a creative city and enhancing Pakistan's competitiveness in light of this wave of Globalization.

The opportunity to study in a consortium of prestigious Universities in Europe is in itself a privilege given their Global recognition and academic merit. I look forward to an experience which will enable me to learn about European culture and history. I being a Pakistani will present a positive image of my country and act as an ambassador amongst a select few lucky enough to be an Erasmus+ scholar.

I sincerely hope the admission committee finds my profile well suited for this life-changing opportunity.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,839 4175  
Jan 1, 2018   #2
Saad, you should further develop the paragraph that indicates:

I have organized and led two separate consultations ...contribute to the UN - Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

This is a pivotal part of your participation in a relevant program that the reviewer can consider. Since you currently have 1179 words, you don't have enough word allowance to truly develop that part. My advice to you is to remove the second paragraph since that statement about global integration does not have a direct bearing on your qualifications, participation, or motivation. If you remove that part, your word count goes down to 1102 words. Thus allowing you to highlight such an important project that you participated in.

The words of other people are not necessary to create an impact in this essay. The sole focus should be on your highlightable accomplishments, personal explanations and motivation, and your abilities that would be of interest to the reviewer. You have a strong essay here that was weakened by the inclusion of that second paragraph. Removing it and then replacing it with more relevant content will result in a smoother and focused flow of discussion. The second paragraph that refers to someone else's thoughts really creates a break in the focus of the reviewer because it deviates from your personalized discussion.
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Jan 1, 2018   #3
Thanks @Holt I will change the 2nd paragraph and develop the consultation part and share the 2nd draft, thanks for your help.
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Mar 30, 2018   #4
@Holt Thanks for your help I got the Scholarship!!!!

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