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Statement explaining how the scholarship will support your educational and career objectives

LILIB 1 / -  
May 30, 2017   #1
Course applied for : MSC in Big data and Text Analytics
Scholarship :

Women of the future Scholarships


The scholarship presents more than financial support. Not only will it enable me to pursue what I regard to be unrivalled UK education without the worry of fiscal limitations, but is also a gateway to gaining industry exposure from one of the greatest developed nations in the world with a high-ranking university such as The University of Essex. I have great interest in advancing my knowledge and expertise in Big Data. In fact, I participate in self-learning and have gained several skills including R, VBA programming, audited a Big Data Specialization free course at Coursera and other free analytics and data science courses at Big Data University. This unshaken conviction is what fuels my drive for life-long learning and the reason why I am enthusiastic about the Women of the Future Scholarship to study an MSc in Big data and Text Analytics.

It represents one of the core fields within my career objectives. Studying big data through the scholarship will set me on a path to a specialisation in becoming a solutions architect. I endeavour to join the few women in the realm of data science shaping the big data revolution with a special focus on advocating for its use by the Kenyan government and neighbouring developing countries in benefiting pubic sectors. There are massive benefits to accrue if Kenya would leverage big data to improve its effectiveness and efficiency.

I intend to apply the experience gained from the University of Essex in pioneering and leading business solution designs that will enable the Kenyan government to personalise citizens' experiences improving transparency and decision-making at low costs. I have already taken steps in the realisation of some of my career goals including my involvement with the Kenya Open Data team, whereby I started a 'Data Entrepreneurs' initiative in my local community in Mombasa. This promotes and encourages university students and youth in technology fields to take up projects on mining public sector data to create applications to boost public service delivery by the government.

Towards this end as well, I've utilised my 4 years of experience in advancing technology-driven empowerment and development initiatives particularly focused on underprivileged communities and the youth. Having worked as an I.T user specialist at FHI360 - (Family Health International) an international non-profit human development organization - dedicated to creating and implementing data driven programs that improve lives in lasting ways, I established innovation labs as a shaper for the Global Shapers Community - a World Economic Forum (WEF) initiative.

Someone once said that, "Ambition is the steam that drives men forward on the road to success. Only the engine under full steam can make the grade". I earnestly believe that the Women of the Future Scholarships Award will be the engine that I fill to the brim with the knowledge, experience and networks amassed from the unique chance given of chasing my dream for a Masters' degree in the data analytics; One which will be the stepping stone to my ascension to the great heights of public service.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,617 2512  
May 30, 2017   #2
Lilian, all I read about here are your skills and educational background. You have spoken of possible objectives for your country as well. Yet none of these tie in directly with the mission and objectives of the scholarship you are applying for. The only mention that you make of the scholarship is with regards to having them pay for your educational expenses. You failed to convince the committee that their scholarship expectations can be embodied by you as a student and future graduate sponsored by them. What of your future plans will reflect upon the image of the scholarship or depict some sort of promotion on your part of the scholarship that sponsored you? Integrate the scholarship program into your future plans instead. It should not be hard to do if you know what the scholarship stands for and why you chose to ask them to sponsor your studies.

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