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Statement of financial assistance letter for The Bestway Foundation Scholarship

Maharukh 1 / -  
Apr 7, 2019   #1

I am in desperate need

I am working as a management trainee in a well-reputed insurance broker company. But I am unable to fulfill basic needs of life because of my low wage.

My father is a retired government worker and I am the eldest of my family with two younger brothers. He is the only breadwinner of my family as my mother is a housewife and my brothers are still studying. Although, he has supported me throughout my life, give more than I deserve. But now he is unable to educate me further because of our financial situation.

Hard times bring the best in ourselves. I had witnessed some dire challenges in my life. Financial instability is the biggest among them. I belong to a middle-class family and it was very difficult for me and my siblings to acquire a quality education from a good institution. I made my way by achieving academic Excellency scholarships, fee concessions and choosing affordable Government institutes instead of expensive private ones. I have missed so many golden chances due to my financial conditions. Now my father is retired and jobless. He is also ill, his savings are being spent on his treatment and medical tests. But my father is so determined he always supports me and encourages me to continue my studies. His encouragement motivates me to study abroad.

On the other side, despite my all efforts, I could not secure a job till August 2018 because of the unstable economic conditions in my country. This has added to the financial problems of my family. I was nominated as a candidate of "Prime Minister Youth Training scheme 2018-2019" which is a one-year internship program starts from March 2018 but unfortunately, the internship was canceled due to lack of funds and political issues of Pakistan.

Since my childhood, it was my dream to study in the UK but unfortunately, I am unable to study further due to my vulnerable financial instability. I believe that after completing my studies and upon receiving a degree from the University of Kent, the doors of opportunity will be open for me. Although, a door of luck is still open for me in the form of "The Bestway Foundation Scholarship" This scholarship will give me a chance to convert my dreams into reality.

In conclusion, I am in desperate need of a scholarship to pursue my education as I am unable to do higher studies without any financial assistance. I am looking forward for a positive reply.

Thanks for reading.

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