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Personal statement GKS 2020 - Application for a Master in environmental or project management

MsAnneMendoza 1 / -  
Jan 30, 2020   #1
The fact why I decided to study environmental engineering was the degradation of a small irrigation ditch, in Chepén, near to my grandparent's home. I used to play and swim there with my siblings, and a few years later we were no longer able to go inside it because of its high pollution levels. The sadness and frustration then, but overall, the conviction that I could do something about to fix it and avoid something like that happens again, were part of my motivation why I became an Environmental Engineer.

During my major I thought about my postgraduate studies and I decided to pursue my educational career further. I was sure about one thing, I had to study a Master in a good university, where I can enrich my knowledge and expand my skills, learning to develop research and management projects in order to make a contribution in my country coming up with some alternatives to solve, mainly, the environmental problems we are going through.

Two years apart since I finished my bachelor's degree, however, I am not able to reach that goal due to my insufficient financial resources, but thanks to the GKS I could have a great opportunity for growth, learning and development of myself while studying a Master in a place with an amazing culture. Applying for this scholarship and studying abroad, though challenging at times, but it will allow me to take risks and gain experience that is impossible to obtain in any other way.

Through my bachelor's studies I had the opportunity to belong to the water research laboratory were I developed a project about the wastewater treatment from a tannery located in my city, which were discharged into the domestic effluent network; obtaining a 97% remotion of the contaminants. This project was thought as a solution to the massive pollution that is generated; and which limits the efficient treatment to those effluents. Also, I developed a program, called ORGEM, based on Kaizen's 5S linking up the environment, economy and security mainstays, that allow us to keep the order and to be more effective into the laboratory.

Moreover, I made my pre - professional internship as an assistant in the area of Development and Environment in the municipality of La Esperanza, Trujillo; where I developed my abilities related to the project's management, improving a program for the waste solids generated in my town.

After I finished my undergraduate studies, I worked in a fishery company during one year in the area of Environmental Management. There, I elaborated a handbook for the control and dosage of the flocculants and coagulants added into the wastewater of cleaning. Also, I developed and implemented, the correct segregation and recycling program as a way to decrease the excessive consumption of plastic and paper in our organization, obtaining in 3 months a 60% of decrease in the generation of plastic wastes . Now, I work in a company dedicated to the production of vehicle's bodyworks as a Health, Security and Environment Supervisor, here I am having the experience to plan, to develop and to implement the environment and security management system, thinking in the people who live near to our place, to which the negative impacts of our activities can affect.

I chose Korea to study a Master "in xxx" because is one of the countries with a great technological and economical, development and management that goes hand in hand with a high academic formation; furthermore, due to the wonderful culture that you own. This would be an invaluable experience not only because for the access to a high quality education, but for the values of respect, discipline and perseverance basis of the Korean culture.

I am so excited about my future and and I feel that with the opportunity that the Korean government scholarship could give me, I can continue to contribute to my society by proposing alternatives for improvement in favor of development.

Holt [Contributor] - / 7,892 2170  
Jan 31, 2020   #2
Not being able to afford to pay your way through masters school is one of the worst reasons you can give in this essay. In fact, is a negative motivational reason for this application. I would remove the reference to that if I were you. Additionally, you should do some research regarding waste water management as it applies to Korean factories and industries. Use that as the GKS connection and why you chose to study in Korea. Explain comparative points between your research and program and the existing technology in Korea that you hope to learn about, improve, and apply to your own country's waste water management programs.

The essay is weak in terms of your connection to Korea and reasons for studying in Korea. However, you have a strong background in research and impressive technical references. Therefore, you should work more on building the "Why Korea?" section of the essay to create the strongest possible motivation for your desire to be trained under Korean waste water management professionals.

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