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Statement Of Purpose- GKS 2019 - Computer science

elinabrown 1 / 2  
Mar 3, 2019   #1
Hi guys. this is my study plan for GKS 2019 . Please send your comments to improve it. Thank you!

Goal of study, title or subject of research, and detailed study plan

As a computer science student, I should try my best to provide a convenient and effortless world and in my opinion furthering my education at Yonsei university would offer me the opportunity to gain extra knowledge and help me to fulfill my research, so in the second year of attending master studies in Korea, I intend to develop the idea of "link prediction". Link prediction can help predict future associations, allowing a government to monitor suspects and prevent them from committing a terror attack together and it helps to identify criminals. Prediction of outbreak disease, number of students in the following year of universities and estimating a flight's passengers are other areas where link prediction can be a key asset. Because of the usage of link prediction in medical, social, economic, political and Security issues, this research is one of the most important and noticeable topics in the world. Since Yonsei university has the professional professors who are working in artificial intelligence and this area I want to achieve my goals and further my research there.

With "ant colony optimization algorithm" I plan to develop an accurate solution with more efficient performance which has the better turnover with the compare of other algorithms. Moreover, in massive graphs this algorithm has the acceptable time complexity. Designing a software of this new way of link prediction is my next step that I can present it to Samsung and LG companies. As more than 50% of XXX people are using the Samsung cell-phones, this research can improve my country and the popularity of Korean cell-phones will be developed in the world.

Furthermore, I believe that sports and different activities can help me to concentrate better so I will have both physical and mental health. I know that Yonsei has more than 200 student clubs so I have a plan to join some of them, it can be really exiting since I can learn different skill and I can fill my free time usefully. Also participating in events and festivals that Yonsei provides on weekend can be a best opportunity to get familiar with Korean culture and tradition and it's the best way to improve and learn Hangul.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15036 4827  
Mar 4, 2019   #2
Elina, the first two paragraphs seem to portray two possible masters thesis topics for your study plan. Which of the two would you rather pursue as a GKS scholar? Pick one and develop the research presentation as you would any ordinary thesis proposal. I believe that the first topic you presented has the most potential for this project because it will allow you to fully utilize the facilities of the university and also, allow you to have a far more interesting methodology for research and data collection due to its real life and real time application. It has a stronger recall and study purpose than the second topic in your essay. Develop that presentation further.

Since this is a study plan and goal of study essay, you are not required to present non-thesis research related information. Your third paragraph is out of place and should not be introduced in this essay. You can safely remove it without affecting the presentation. I already explained to you what this essay is about and how you can improve your chances of impressing the reviewer through your topic choice and method of study, that it what matters in this presentation.
OP elinabrown 1 / 2  
Mar 4, 2019   #3
@Holt Thank you for your feedback
Actually in the the second paragraph I presented one of the way of doing Link prediction and I wrote the reasons that why this solution is better than other solutions, it's not the name of research. However because of this misunderstanding, I found that I need to mention that it's a solution of link prediction.

About the third paragraph, I plan to work on my Hangul so I believe taking part in non-academic parts can be the best way, can' I explain it in this way and add it to my study plan ?
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15036 4827  
Mar 4, 2019   #4
The study plan only relates to your masters thesis. This is not the language study plan that the GKS requires. Your discussion about Hangul should be placed in the essay about how you plan to improve your English and Korean proficiency while a student at the university. The language studies have no direct relation to the masters thesis and are not part of the "goal of study" or "study plan". This essay is only meant to prove that you have a clear idea as to what specific areas of research you hope to concentrate on during your time as a student. Do not confuse the discussion. There is a specific essay that asks you to discuss how you plan to improve your English and Hangul language skills. Take the paragraph out of this essay and place it in the language improvement essay discussion. That is where is belongs and that is where it should be placed.
OP elinabrown 1 / 2  
Mar 4, 2019   #5
Ok, Thank you
Sorry to mention you again, but I'm a little worry about lacking the content, it's not even the half of the page! do you have any suggestion to complete it better or it's ready to be used ? Please make it urgent for a new reply.

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