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Statement of Purpose GKS Food Science Major

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Jan 25, 2021   #1

Statement of Purpose

Throughout my time at the research lab at CIATEJ I worked for a solution to reduce the ratio of obesity in Mexico by providing fructans coming from Agave leaves as a prebiotic to treat this metabolic problem. I do believe we can treat this growing problem throughout the globe.

With this previously mentioned, I am really interested in doing my research in prebiotic, probiotic or a high nutritional value ingredient that can help with the prevention or treatment of metabolic syndromes such as obesity, diabetes, increased blood pressure conversely even providing higher nutritional food to people that does not suffer these aliments.

The subjects that will help me to obtain my goal of study would be Food Biochemistry as this is crucial to understand completely how to work with the research to improve food as a syndrome treatment or nutrient value, Bioengineering because of the importance in the control of fermentation processes, Food Microbiology due to the possible microorganisms that can affect the quality of prebiotics and/or probiotics and finally, Food Toxicology since it is important to evade risks for the consumption of high value ingredients.

I want to enter a research lab to assist in different as early as possible so I can get more experience to aid my study objective in the future. Adding to this, I believe teamwork is crucial to reach the best objectives in an efficient way so I will try to get a study group with my classmates to make a review of subjects seen at the Major, this can help us to exchange ideas, points of view and getting a better fellowship.

I believe that making this thesis will aid me not only in finding products that have potential to be used as treatment for metabolic syndromes as I did with my past research but to completely prove how can we use them in the food industry making them have a higher value proposition.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,345 3365  
Jan 25, 2021   #2
You need more specifics in this statement of purpose. You have already worked in a nutritional laboratory and done preliminary studies within the area of prebiotics, probiotics, and nutritional equivalents. What you have to do is focus on a specific area of your exposure that you feel you have had ample exposure to. This wide exposure to the research should be the foundation for your undergraduate thesis. Right now, you are presenting more of a study plan than a statement of purpose.

The statement of purpose needs to highlight your foundation in the area you wish to study, why you feel it is important to study, and what outcome you hope to produce at the end of your research. This may be an alternative nutritional source that can help treat obesity, or another food source that can help prevent the onset of obesity. I do not really get a sense of a direction in your thesis presentation. You have to connect the laboratory observation, assistance, and research that you wish to do with something solid.

Present a clear idea in the purpose. Consider the current research of Korea in the area of obesity and try to develop your thesis / purpose, based on that. create a possible statement of purpose for your studies. Establish the following:

- The area of focus
- Why this focus is necessary
- What you hope to research
- Why that research
- How the lab work shall apply to your research
- How the research can apply to future food supplemental guidelines

These should be specific enough to show a keen interest in the area of Food Science on your part.

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