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Personal Statement for GKS's graduate studies in Visual Communication Design

franbrown 1 / 1  
Feb 7, 2021   #1
Hello! I'm planning to apply to the scholarship through embassy track, and must choose 3 universities. This is my personal statement, which includes motivation to apply for the program, to study in S.K., and also my work related to my chosen major, which is Visual Communication Design. Would really appreciate any feedback!

personal statement essay

There is a growing potential in the digital content industry that is attracting more and more attention, especially due to the social phenomenon that focuses on design and emotions. The world has gone from one driven by hardware and labor power, to one that is mainly focused on the software of culture, content, and design. Digital content design is at the center of the era of ''soft power'' to which South Korea has adapted wonderfully. And it is because of this - and many other reasons that I will share later on this statement-, that continuing my education in South Korea has been one of my main goals, which at the same time became one of the main motivators during the last 3 years of study of my Bachelor's degree in Advertising.

Through this program, I will be able to study without financial worries, which was one of the biggest obstacles and limitations during my previous years of study, especially after the passing of my father back in 2015. Despite that, and though I did go through many hardships to finish my degree, I never once considered giving up and instead decided to work even harder so I could better my grades and gain as much knowledge as possible, which I believe are qualities that make me a good candidate for this amazing program.

South Korea's educational system has adjusted to modernization while also keeping its traditional values, and noticeably didn't take long for it to be one of the leading countries in this high-value cultural industry, which has also been very attractive to me. I think that education opens many doors that would otherwise remain closed not only in the professional environment but also in one's self-discovery, and while it does not guarantee success in life, it definitely impacts our chances. This is another reason why studying in South Korea would mean a lot, as it will indeed increase my knowledge in the career path I have chosen since a very young age, as well as my personal and professional skills, which I intend to use in favor not only of my country but to also give back to the ever-evolving Korean society.

Likewise, I will have the opportunity to explore the Korean culture, which has been of interest to me since 2016. The gastronomy that is full of interesting flavors and textures, a beautiful sounding language, and especially the arts field -literature/poetry, music, TV & films, and, of course, the astonishing architecture that has mostly kept the enchanting origins- all are factors that have also lead me to choose South Korea for my graduate studies.

Despite having tried Korean food on many occasions here in the Dominican Republic, and even being motivated to cook some of the most common dishes myself, as well as attending some public Korean festivals and activities, watch numerous Korean contents, being in touch with the culture in my daily life through social media and other mediums, and finally starting to study the language, I still believe that getting to know a culture from its country of origin, explore and travel around, as well as surround myself with its people, can give better insights that I can't simply get from just visiting or through the media.

Since I turned 18 years old and was given the chance to be involved in a work environment, I have had the opportunity to work for and with North American clients, giving me experience in the customer service and sales fields. This in turn has allowed me to better understand the reasoning behind consumer's decisions, their needs, and how to approach them, which are fundamentals of both Advertising and Design. I did as well manage a few social media accounts for some acquaintances, took part in the branding design for some of my friend's and family's businesses, and sold merchandise of original illustrations as a side hustle. And though not professionally, I have helped in the editing of a novel and a poetry book, and have experience in scriptwriting for both video and radio commercials. All these and many other experiences have nurtured my skills, but I would love to further develop them through the intended Master's degree in Visual Communication Design, which is not offered in my country.

It would be an honor to be chosen as one of the awardees of this scholarship, as it will help me achieve my academic and career goals, and will also allow me to exchange my personal and career-related experiences after the completion of the program in the benefit of both cultures and countries.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,325 3353  
Feb 7, 2021   #2
Your personal statement is not based on the proper information requirement for the presentation. The personal statement for the Masters program has a specific set of information necessary for presentation and assessment. You have not properly focused on the required motivational, educational, work and research experience, along with profession and career target reasons for your personal statement.

The overall discussion is fine, provided there are no real motivational letter requirements. However, the GKS has specific instructions for the development of your personal statement. It is important that you review the discussion requirements, draft your essay as required, then post your essay here as URGENT for a secondary review. This essay, in this format, using this information, is not GKS qualified. Review the personal statement discussion requirements and deliver the required information.
OP franbrown 1 / 1  
Feb 13, 2021   #3
Hi, @Holt! I finished my second draft of the personal statement. Could you please take a look and let me know what I can improve? Thank you!


As I look back, trying to put my experiences and wandering thoughts into writing, I suddenly see my life as the layers of my next digital drawing, or the traditional painting I wanted to work on yesterday; or even as that illustration I never got to finish. Sketch, clean outline, flat colors, shades, lights, details, highlights. Aren't all human beings the same? Some are incomplete, still with rough edges, unfinished sketches; and then there are some already hanging in galleries and living rooms and beautiful spaces, and my desire to be one of the latter seems to be shaping my ambitions.

When I finished high school with top marks at the age of 16, I wanted to be a graphic designer and illustrator, rooted in my early beginnings with Photoshop, my passion for drawing as well as blogging, amateur book cover editing, and basic web design. However, since Dominican Republic is still a developing country, and even higher education can be seen as a privilege especially for someone coming from the countryside, I decided that I wanted to take as much advantage of the career path I was choosing, and because of this I opted to major in Advertising. The idea of being able to not only acquire basic knowledge of graphic design but also understand consumer psychology while being aware of market trends and habits, was very attracting to me. I also was offered the possibility of exploring a vast range of fields into the career, such as film making, radio and TV, copywriting, public relations, community management, etcetera, which ultimately won me over. I wanted to gain as much knowledge as possible, nurture and develop my talents as well as creative and professional skills in all related fields, so that I could use them to my advantage in a more than ever demanding industry.

Though college years were particularly challenging due to my family's financial circumstances, I managed to finish my Bachelor's degree in Advertising with an overall GPA of 3.51 out of 4.0, while also working full time in order to support my studies. My thesis research, which was focused on a rather small sector in the city, that is sadly affected by the scarcity of water, as a product of not only the droughts faced by the entirety of our country but also due to contamination of the water sources and the irresponsible use of the resource, was highly praised by the thesis jury members which lead them to score the dissertation with an 'A'. For this research, we conducted a survey to over 300 students between the ages of 11-18 from 3 different schools within the sector, and after analyzing their answers, we later developed a campaign proposal that had as one of the goals to bring awareness through many activities and mediums, -as most of them were not knowledgeable of the issues involving their community based on the survey's results-, and aimed as well to keep them engaged with their environment and inspire more conscious usage of the resource, which would ultimately drive them to be a force of change to their society. As someone who has always been environmentally aware and has participated in different socio-environmental activities throughout the years, I was particularly drawn to this subject, and feel grateful to take on such case study as it allowed me to understand my community's situation better and work on creative ways to improve it.

But, even though my college years taught me a lot and would allow me to become an all-rounder professional as I could explore many fields within my chosen career path, while I was getting closer to finish my undergraduate studies I understood that I still wanted to be a designer and illustrator in addition to be an Advertiser, and during that time of realization I came across to the Visual Communication Design major, currently not offered in my country. Fortunately, I already knew where I wanted to further my education, as I got deeply interested in the Korean culture and arts back in 2016; interest that began after an ex-coworker handed me a basic Korean language learning book and an edition of 'Koreana', which I still treasure to this day. Since then, I began looking into different universities that would allow me to specialize as a communication designer, and the curriculums of the numerous Korean universities to which I took a look at, as well as Korea's top-notch education system, and my wish to understand how the exchange of such different cultures can benefit the process of design, were what eventually sealed the deal.

The working environment I was welcomed in since the age of 18 gave me a deep understanding of the consumer's mind, as I have been working in the customer service and sales fields for U.S. based projects such as _____, _____, _____, _____, and currently as a Senior Customer Experience Associate for one of the top-rising and most innovative e-commerce companies of the last few years, ______. My work experiences have allowed me to better understand the reasoning behind consumer's decisions, their needs and wants, and how to successfully approach them, which are fundamentals of both Advertising and design. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to take on freelance design projects for a few Dominican start-up e-commerce businesses, which have allowed me to obtain professional experience in the design environment, and what further confirmed my desire to specialize as a visual communication designer.

I think is important to take all that I have learned throughout the years and what I will learn through my stay in South Korea during the 2 years of my graduate and research studies, and use it in order to support the next generation of designers. I am motivated by the possibility of helping younger aspiring designers define potential goals while working on my own goals and ambitions. I also look forward to being challenged and urged to pursue new directions as not only an Advertiser but as an artist, and to take part into works that could signify a highly important before and after in the advancement of the design field not only in South Korea and Dominican Republic, but in all parts of the world.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,325 3353  
Feb 13, 2021   #4
The essay is too long. You have a 1 page requirement for this presentation. That means you will need to edit the content of the essay to make it more direct to the point and relevant to the personal statement requirements. I cannot help you edit this essay for content and word count on the forum as that is part of our paid services. The content editing is something you have to do by yourself. Stop trying to write a novel and just answer as quickly as you can. You do not need to keep on pondering things in this essay presentation. You just need to deliver responses relevant to the 5 paragraph information presentation guideline. You can do that easily by simply paying attention to the information requirements and giving direct presentations. Don't analyze, don't give opinions, don't try to over represent yourself. The essay is bordering on exaggerated representation already. Review the presentation requirements again and write a more appropriate and length considerate essay.

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