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Statement of Purpose of Masters in Miage By Course IKSEM Information Knowledge Systems Engineering

lenjoy 2 / 3  
Nov 21, 2021   #1

iksem Statement of Purpose

Information systems are a rapidly emerging field. What started years ago years with manual systems such as customer databases and catalogs evolved into modern concepts such as predictive data mining. Rapid developments in the field of information management left me fascinated by IS. To monitor progress in this field and prepare to meet the demanding standards of this industry, I wish to pursue a graduate program in information systems from your esteemed university.

In my high school, my keen interest in logically oriented subjects led me to learn the mathematics, physics and chemistry as main subjects. During my twelfth year, in As part of my physics project, I had built logical gates and simple locks using basic circuit elements and I was very amazed at the potential of electric and electronic flow. During my undergraduate studies at the African Computer Institute Cameroon, I was enthusiastic about the diversity of the field of engineering, computer science and technology. In my bachelor's degree program, courses such as network analysis, signals and systems, helped me to learn aspects of system implementation. On the other hand, courses such as Data structure, Operating system, C, C ++, JAVA, Python, PHP Data communication and Computer network helped me understand how computer concepts are applied to practical systems in the everyday life.

My undergraduate studies in software engineering have nothing to do with automotive engineering, but the passion is what drove me and led me to the process of making my dreams come true. I've done my studies undergraduate degree in software engineering to have a solid foundation in software development and its maintenance. Through the various internships and self-directed projects ranging from face-to-face algorithms to recognition and identification that identifies and recognizes users, Voice-Activated Desktop Assistance that assists users in performing tasks on PC, speech recognition algorithm which signals the users' voice enters its database, the Pong PC game, the desktop application breast cancer detection which gives an estimate of the likelihood that a patient will have breast cancer. breast after taking a quiz, chat bot, movie recommendation engine that you recommends movies based on your search history and preferences. I learned the importance of assertiveness, punctuality, precision and discipline while working on the above projects

I am currently working part-time at T2B Services an IT company as as a computer engineer. At T2B Service, we perform tasks such as maintenance software and hardware, deployment of computer networks in companies, and deployment and maintenance of security cameras and solar panels. I play the piano and am currently working towards 3rd year; the piano allows me to improve my thinking skills on the spot. My schedule is very busy and challenges me to manage my time carefully take time for all aspects. I always question my understanding and believe i have the right attitude, skills and personality for this diploma.

Now, having acquired the skills, competences, knowledge and experience of basic work in the field of information systems, I think the time has come to continue my graduate studies in the field of interest to me and I firmly believe that my skills and aspirations find a formidable match in your program. By browsing the pages of the website of your university, I am convinced that pursuing this program is the perfect step for my career academic and professional. After researching the courses offered by the Department computer information systems of your university, I decided to apply for the program of mastery of information systems at PARIS 1 PANTHEON-SORBONNE University, France.

Given the confluence of my personal and professional interests, my goal is obtain a master's degree and then work in a sector related to IT. When I have accumulated enough experience and skills, I am considering starting my own consulting company. The participation in a master of science program in IS will allow me to carve out a place in industry while deepening my expertise and broadening my perspectives. So I ask sincerely in the esteem of the admissions committee to favorably consider my application and provide me with a appropriate platform for success in the desired field.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,666 4113  
Nov 22, 2021   #2
In all honesty, I do not believe that the purpose for studies would be valid in the eyes of a reviewer. The goals you have presented at the end sound very flimsy and unconvincing. You have to consider that a masters course relates to a better future for the student with regards to your current profession and future advancement in the field. Your purpose soundo more like you are throwing ideas out there, not knowing which might stick. What you need is a solid career plan discussion in relation to valid work training , caren experiences, and undergraduate foundation.

The purpose should come piust. The justifications regarding undergraduate and other learning backgrounds that relate to the masters comes second. The third consideration will be your other skills that will enhance everyone's learning experience . The fourth and final purpose should explain why you believe the program is unique enough to assist with your plans. There needs to be an explanation of how the masters course syllabus and university choice merge with your learning needs.

The current essay is very weak in these aspects. These are the reasons why I believe the paper cannot be a helpful statement of purpose.

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