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Statement of Purpose for PTDF OVERSEAS SCHOLARSHIP 2020 - to tell the admissions committee who I am

Asiya 1 / -  
Jan 20, 2020   #1
I'm applying for an MSc in Computer Science.

These are the instructions for writing the essay:
-Applicants are required to make a case for their scholarship by submitting a statement of purpose (maximum 500 words) stating the reason(s) they want to undertake the study, the relevance of the proposed study to the oil & gas industry and its expected impact on national development (MSc Applicants only).-

Personal statement, influences, professional interests, and plan for the future

As an IT professional, I seek strategies to enhance the operations of organisations through designing and implementing computer networks. This has steered me in the pursuit of skills and knowledge expected to develop an outstanding career in the field of Computer Science. To begin with I have attained the CompTIA Security+ certification through in-depth self study, as well as undergoing two intensive training programmes in Hacking and Security Vulnerability Management, and Advanced Web Hacking. Through these experiences, I have built a solid foundation of my understanding of how computer networks improve efficiency in a organisation and more importantly how secure networks allow for uninterrupted operations that bring about safety and trustworthy results.

The implementation of technology in the operations of the oil and gas industry aims to address the issue of efficiency. To name a few such as the automation of downstream operations and implementation of SCADA networks. However, there is the apparent issue of the security of these technologies. Acquiring an MSc in Computer Science will expose me to understanding how these technologies have been implemented and the way in which they operate, which will guide me in taking advantage of the resources and expertise that will be made available to assist me in enhancing my skills and knowledge in Cybersecurity in order to develop innovative solutions needed to meet the security requirements of the industry.

Just as physical security, Cybersecurity will assist in stabilising the economic, social and political development of Nigeria and her citizens by protecting government, financial institutions and the military from cyber attacks which will lead to lose of assets and confidential information. Secure institutions will increase the nation's trust and reliance on the government.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,051 4255  
Jan 21, 2020   #2
There is room for improvement in this essay. You need to develop the cybersecurity discussion in relation to the oil and gas industry. Base the expanded discussion in the applicability of your hacking scenario with the national development of Nigeria. You need to be more specific with regards to your discussion of the reason and relevance of your study. Your computer studies must relate to oil and gas. So think of how you can address that requirement in the essay. As a computer professional, I am sure you can accomplish that. If need be, do some research on the computer security related problems to oil and gas. Once you find some information on the topic, you should be able to further expand and improve on the revised presentation of this essay.

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