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Statement of Purpose_ Erasmus + EPOG Joint Master's Degree Programme

hnoman 1 / -  
Jan 20, 2021   #1
The scholarship website stated that

"The applicants should highlight their interest, knowledge, and motivation to engage with heterodox approaches of economics".

Please Help my Statement of Purpose for Erasmus + Economic Policies in the Age of Globalization (EPOG) Joint Master's Degree Programme,

I am highly enthusiastic to apply for the EPOG joints master's degree program. My name is Haithm Noman, and I have a first-class bachelor's degree and more than five years of working experience in Academia and the humanitarian Sector. A country that has been torn apart by conflicts and prolonged civil war and has become the Top in the Fragile State Index Worldwide since 2019.

In college, having enjoyed the broad nature of my Bachelors's degree in Administrative Science with emphasis on accounting, and adopted a rigorous approach to attain an in-depth understanding of the subjects at hand. Thus, I established myself among the top students in the faculty and graduated with distinction, first in a class of +457 students. Within my bachelor's degree, I was able to gain a basic understanding of subjects related to EPOG program such as Macro& Micro Economics, Public Finance, Planning, and Development. Although I had the possibility of pursuing an Economic degree, I didn't notice my interest in the subjects until 2015.

Upon my graduation, I witnessed the eruption of civil war, which resulted in severe living conditions of Yemenis, and caused hundreds of thousands to flee their homes. Having lived this situation with relatives, friends, and family members, who were displaced from a nearby city to my village in Ibb, I started asking myself what drives countries to thrive and others to live in poor conditions, and what lead my fellow citizen to fight each other? To respond to the IDP's need, I volunteered with 15 of my colleagues in a war-IDPs camp to raise funds and food baskets. And I have developed an interest and ambition to work towards the improvements of Yemeni's economic situation.

Therefore, I kept volunteering in local charities, and in Sep 2015 I started working as a teaching- assistant in the accounting department. Although I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and contributing to the success of others by teaching various accounting courses including Governmental Accounting, Cost & Managerial Accounting, etc, I had the goal of joining an International Humanitarian Organization. Thus, I joined ACTED- French Aid Organization, the team in Yemen in 2017, and left the university. During the past three years, I have worked in Administration& Financial positions for ACTED, then MSF, and currently OXFAM. Within my financial position, I have seen the tremendous efforts and generous contributions the INGO's, UN agencies is putting to improve the living condition of the Yemeni's. Despite all of this, Yemen has economic situation and living condition is deteriorating year after another.

We come to realize that even the current civil-war was a direct result of a fragile financial and economic instability Yemen went through before 2015, as it was one of the poorest countries in the region, where more than 34% of the people lived below the poverty line. Thus, failed economic policies, inequality, corruption, and political conflict lead to the civil war. It also can be perceived that Yemen lacked professional experts in the field of economic development that could have been able to develop the economy. According to Charles Schmitz " The future of Yemen requires a large degree of state capacity- qualified and capable personnel of managing and implementing a national economy to rebuild the country".

Therefore, I believe that EPOG program major C2- I will be able to integrate the methods and techniques of designing and optimizing economic policies to address economic and financial fragility, to promote income-equality, and to lower the unemployment rate. I hope my background and practical skills will earn your consideration to accept me into your program. Attached a copy of my CV, transcript, and other documents. In case you want further information or documents, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,324 3356  
Jan 20, 2021   #2
There is no evidence of you having an interest in learning about Economics in a manner that is not academically inclined. I think you did not understand the meaning of the word "heterodox". The word is defined as; "not in accordance with established or accepted doctrines or opinions, especially in theology; unorthodox.". You were not able to imply an ability to learn in an informal setting or, beyond the preset norms for economic theories and applications. Overall, this essay is simply a personal statement that would best serve you as an application essay for a simple masters course or a different scholarship. This application is not EM material due to the failure of your presentation to adhere to the heterodox requirement of the presentation. Where is the heterodox approach during your work time at ACTED, MSF, and OXFAM? These are the references in the essay that should have been able to prove your heterodox approach to economics, based on your work experience and necessary professional adjustments while working for these firms.

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