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Statement of purpose for studying public policy and taxation

Wazir Ahmed 1 / -  
Sep 10, 2011   #1
I want to get admission in one of worlds best university for my master's in public policy and taxation.
If any body can help me in drafting me the statement of purpose for that.


My ambition for applying to the Masters in Pulic Policy and Taxation has got very strong footings dating from my birth and my constant struggle for bringing changes for the Public Policy and Taxation. I was born in a small village in the Southern part of Pakistan, I got my ealry education from Cadet College Petaro, one of the most prestegious institute of our country, threafter did my Bachelors in Lawq from where I relaized that for the dake of social justice much has been done constitutionally whereas on the other hand nothing on concrete basis has ever been done by the policy makers because of lack of knowledege of Polciy making and the economic policies were tabulated on the emergency basisgiving high handedness to the ruling class and liecnece for extortion money from the business class in the form of Revenues (Taxes).

This acted as a catalyst in my passion because whenever budget was announced it was never wellcomed by the business class and delcared it unfriendly budget, this made it cause of political destabalization which paved the way for the military takeover in Pakistan.

Fifth military takeover in Pakistan was witnessed in 1999, with the incident of 9/11 the economy of the world lost the equilibrium and the Pakistan which had already undergone the military takeover suffrered the mostand in order to combat the new challenges it was strongly felt that the structure of tax collection system be reformed and be brought to the models of the developed countries. In order to achieve these goals reforms process was initiated with the help of World Bank and IMF. After a detailed study new Income Tax law was promulgated with effect from July1st, 2002. The new Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 was the paradigm shift from the repealed Income Tax Ordinance, 1979. The new Ordinance was warmly welcomed by the business class.

In April 2005, I joined the Inland Revenue Department through an open competition, during the same time I was also the student of Masters of law and it was a blessing for me to examine the changes and initial draw backs that the new Ordinance brought as the tax to GDP ratio started a down ward becuase neither trade bodies were consulted nor any public opinion was obtained.

Since the changes were made at ar with the developed countries and were closely monitored by the donor agencies. The main focus of the reforms was on the restructr=uring of organizatinal structure, taxpayer identification & Registration, Assessment, Collection & Enforcement, Taxpayer audit, Information System and process, Human Resources & Informatio technology.

The above are the some of the salient features of the reforms project and being part of the reforms project I strongly realize thatno doubt these are for the betterment of country by and large and necessary for building confidence of the taxpayer but in a country where the standard of education is not as high as in the developed countries the reforms are not bringing the results that were expected by the donor agencies.

I do fully agree with the reforms but there is a lack of public policy for these and probably this would not be out of place to nmention here that there are few in the department as well in the public who are well conversant with the public policy and taxation.

In want to study Public Policy and Taxation so that I ahve an indepth understanding of its importance while drafting the tax policies/ levy of taxes. By studying this I will be in a position to argue and suggest what changes should be immediate and what reaction will be from the business class in particular and public in general to bring the following results;

Increase in voluntarilycompliance with the tax through the application of taxpayer education and facilitaion programme and re-engneering of business process.

To design and deliver fair, responcible and effective enforcement mechanisms in a way that directly responds to changes in enviroment.

To increase the revenue net and colllection and to eliminate revenue leakage.

how the tax admisntration is simplified for taxpayer and tax adminstration.

A single data base containing all tax activity for each taxpayer will be created in order to effectively manage tax information.

The assessment process of taxes will be reviewed to determine the extent to which the tax system can be integrated to achieve economics of scales and other effeciencies.

Liasion with special Taxpayer Representatives such as chambers of Commerce and Trade bodies through attending discussions, seminars and setting up Taxpayer Facilitaion Centres.

Development of an automated approach to audit case selection based upon consideration of the risks of udner reporting and under payment of taxes
ershad193 14 / 332 5  
Sep 22, 2011   #2
You've made lots of spelling mistakes. Use a word processor like MS Word to avoid them.

I reshaped your first paragraph with a few tweaks, although it still doesn't make much sense to me.
"I was born in a small village in the Southern part of Pakistan. I got my early education from Cadet College Petaro, one of the most prestigious institute of our country. Thereafter I did my Bachelors in Law which made me realize that for the sake of social justice much has been done constitutionally. On the other hand nothing on concrete basis has ever been done by the policy makers because of lack of knowledge of Policy making. The economic policies were tabulated on an emergency basis giving high handedness to the ruling class and license for extortion of money from the business class in the form of Revenues (Taxes)."

I don't know whether my changes kept the meaning similar to the one you wanted to convey. If not, you can modify the sentences yourself. However, I want you to note a few points.

First, try and keep your sentences short, so that your meaning is clear.
Second, observe the places where I replaced commas with full stops. Whenever you feel that a part of a sentence is making sense by itself, put a full stop at the end of it (there are places where you need to put semi colons, but for the time being follow this rule).

Finally, I didn't understand your usage of the term "business class." Do you mean working class or middle class?

Anyway, I am not that conversant with financial jargon to comment much on them. Nevertheless, I like the way you listed your objectives for pursuing the Masters programme. It would be better if you can shorten the essay. There is too much detail in the 3rd, 4th and 5th paragraphs. Maybe, you can condense them by removing some of the less important matter.

You also need to write a few lines about the university you want to attend. Why do you think that particular university's course can help you realise your goals?

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