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Stipendium hungarcum motivation lettre -masters's computer science

Manomanoar 1 / -  
Jan 11, 2022   #1
Dear Sir/Madam :

With this letter, I am applying for this Master's program offered by the Stipendium Hungaricum

Being chosen at the undergraduate level in electronic engineering was like a perfect fit for me because I have been playing and repairing broken electrical and electronic objects at a scrap dealer's shop right in front of my home from a very young age, which generated interest in me to learn more about these devices.During my university studies, I was able to delve more deeply into the field of computers and how to integrate it with electronics in order to build an embedded system, also my university program provided me with a set From the programming languages I have acquired such as C\C++,VHDL,and PASCAL.

Beside,Thanks to the summer internship I have completed with STEG: Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company,and thanks to my internship mentor I have learned everything related to modern technology and how to control this company through computers.My interest in computers,reached its utmost when I joined the Tunisian Association ATAST where I learned about traditional fields of embedded systems, , control systems, programming,etc..

In addition to electronic and industrial computing as a a secondary specialization,my master's degree it will not only boost my skillset, but also my potential to understand challenges, think abstractly, see the broader picture,This Masters will provide me with an essential knowledge in Distributed and Parallel systems and in the design of complex architectures. The training gained through practical programming will develop my project skills and enable me to undertake substantive projects.

The opportunity of the Hungaricum Scholarship willa enable me to pursue my education and fulfill my dream of being a software engineer thanks to the innovative amazingly designed and comprehensive curriculum of the Computer Engineering program that surely ensures that my work experience and research skills are polished. This curriculum will integrate into me those competencies necessary for modern computer engineering to successfully market itself and gain a strong position in the rapidly growing industry. I can be one of the people working on innovations that will move humanity forward.

In addition, learning in the oldest and one of the world's best universities and a country with stunning architecture, rich history, quality education, lively cultural life, many places of world heritage and convenient public transport in the heart of Europe has its charm and unparalleled exposure to be acquired. And it is encouraging to know that the Higher education in Hungary ranked 44 out of 148 countries in the Scientific Competitiveness Report for the year 2004,Overall, this program has a perfect blend of location, price, and quality of education. Of course I would not expect this trip to be the path of pink cherry blossoms, as I would certainly encounter difficulties due to language barriers either while communicating with my colleagues or in my day for day life. However, from an early age, I demonstrated the ability to learn new languages quickly as I am currently speaking 4 languages fluently: Arabic, English, French and Turkish. Therefore, I am looking forward to studying the Hungarian language to get rid of future obstacles and am ready to make all the effort and time it deserves.

After completing my master's degree and returning full of skills and experience, I will join TUNISIAN POST, which is the only public Tunisian postal service,This will be the best way for me to use my skills and experiences gained from abroad in order to make the digital transition a success to keep pace with the rapid and unprecedented technological and information revolution, especially in the new and pioneering technological fields that are beginning to affect the political, social and economic fields.

Thank you very much for considering my
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Jan 11, 2022   #2
The application is weak. It is focused on academic and training skills development as an undergraduate. It does not represent professional skills as it would apply to the masters course considerations. The references provided in terms of interest local, national, and international concerns, are required by the prompt cannot be found in the presentation. The applicant is focused on only 2 aspects of the original prompt, the academic foundation and why the student has chosen to study in Hungary. The reviewer will not be able to properly assess the applicant's oral interview due to its unresponsiveness to other required information considerations. As such, this essay cannot be used for the application. This is only a draft that needs to reflect additional elements of the original prompt. Otherwise, the student may be disqualified from the scholarship consideration.

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