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Stipendium Hungaricum - Motivation letter bachelor scholarship Europe

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Dec 30, 2020   #1

Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship essay

"I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success." said Nikola Tesla, the saying is what keeps me motivated to pursue my dream to invent and improve technologies that will impact to the food industry and the society itself. My interest in food studies had already began since I was a child, I have always liked "food" and going to the grocery store interest me when seeing various kinds of snacks or drinks and just by looking at them makes me excited and curious about the technology being used for producing and processing behind it.

Therefore, I've decided to connect my future career with food area especialy food engineering since I have had good ability in chemistry and physics studies and my primary interests is in the machinery importance for foods or agriculture, processing, and development. I surely hope to become a food engineer with experties in machinery and science studies who can support safe yet secure delicious food product that's needed for people's lives. My vision is for my product of machinery and knowledge can create an crucial impact for the food industry and the society.

For that reason, I constructed a plan to achieve this long dream of mine with determination I've put in High School in order to pursue my dream. As a food engineer, my goal is to pursue new technology that can improve the food process efficiency yet energy saving, reduce waste and enviromental pollution to produce high quality food at the lowest cost with improved sustainability while ensuring food safety and quality using food technology development in the most efficient form. I will execute this goal of mine with the knowledge I got from my study in Hungary, where food technology and science is more advanced and apply it to my home country Indonesia. Improving sustainable food inovation that play a key role of introducing and promoting new technologies enabling the efficient use of energy resource and to improve the development of food processing innovation.

Even so, obtaining a bachelor's degree abroad is out of reach from my family, I grew up in a middle-class family with only our father as our source of income. He has been sponsoring me and my siblings throughout our schooling which then won't be achievable now due to economic difficulties we have had these past few years and my father is already at the age of retirement, although me myself had tried some part time work but it still wont even be enough to pay my high school tuition let alone my college. But then I am really grateful to find Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship that will offer me the chance to study in the best Hungsry university and reach my future career and goals without worrying about the financial burden of my parents and their the mental stress of not being able to support my future academics.

Hungary itself is the one of the best country to study science and technology in the world with high quality education, promising food industry organisation, one of the lowest crime rate in Europe, beautiful cities and many experts in science and technology such as Dennis Gabor for holography invention. This scholarship opportunity will also be an extraordinary opportunity to have an interaction with students from a difference backgrounds and goals coming from all over the world. This is the type of social chain that is very important to produce ideas and many perspectives that can fix global food industry issues.

Finally I would like to point out that I'm a very determined person with full potential that will make the most out of Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship opportunity for my career development and contribution to improve my country's food industry and to encourage investment. I'm sincerely grateful for your consideration on my scholarship application and I'm looking forward to receiving a reply and to start studying at Hungary!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,670 4112  
Dec 30, 2020   #2
Strengthen the opening statement by using your own words rather than the words of other people to describe your motivation for your studies in this field. While Nikola Tesla may have said it best, he will also be quoted by more than a dozen or so students during this application period. The man has been over quoted by student applicants ever since Elon Musk referred to the man as his inspiration. You need to come across as an original, not a wannabe Tesla. Refer to a particular interest in food technology. Your reference to grocery shopping as a child is so simplistic, it will make that statement unbelievable to the reviewer. A specific point of interest could be the canning or bottling process, the dehydration process, or fresh farm to table delivery system. I am sure you can come up with other, more applicable references in relation to your particular interest in the field.

The second paragraph can be better presented as your possible thesis for your graduation year. It comes across as interesting enough since you want to combine your interest in machine mechanics and food engineering. It seems to go hand in hand in your discussion, making it a good thesis representation. Don't worry, you can change that in the future.

The third paragraph doesn't combine the mechanics and natural food preservation goal that a student with your interests should have. Remember, at this point, you should be showing how you will apply what you will be learning in a manner that will make the system applicable in Indonesia. I do not get a sense of that connection in the discussion.
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Dec 30, 2020   #3
Thankyou very much for your review, I will try my best to fix my letter. Once again, Thankyou

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