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Essay on how my strengths, qualities and achievements qualify me for a scholarship

INSTRUCTIONS: Write an essay on the title

"Why I deserve this scholarship"

(2500 words max)

Kindly give your comments on my scholarship essay. Thank you

In my quest for a master's program that would take me a step closer towards achieving my career goal of becoming a technology consultant, I found the Information Management and Digital Business (Digital Innovation) course offered at ##### Business School to be the perfect match for my needs. It is therefore an honor to have been granted an unconditional offer and a privilege to present this essay on why I deserve a scholarship.

Since my graduation from university in 2016, I have committed myself to the discipline, hard work and determination that not only comes with building a successful career but the realization of my true potential. For you see, although I had passion for solving problems with technology, it was not until I gained work experience as a Business Analyst in a Technology solutions development company, that I could discover my strength in research, analysis and creative thinking.

I was selected to propose and design an application with built-in intelligence solving a global challenge and would serve as my company's entry for IBM Watson Build competition. At the time, I observed that there was a strain in phone calls as the only medium of contacting emergency responders. This led me to proposing an Emergency reporting system which leverages on IBM Watson Assistant and other related Watson services to aid quicker and more efficient responses to emergency situations globally.

Three months of hard work and late nights, dedicated to ensuring a successful build of the prototype, gave way to my company being announced as Wildcard Finalists in the entire Middle East and Africa Region. I am incredibly proud of this achievement because it increased my company's recognition on the global scale. It has also set the pace for my decision to further my education in Information Management and Digital Business so as to gain knowledge on how to better align technology innovations with business needs.

My drive and commitment to making an impact not only as a technology consultant but in my local community has led me to volunteering for medical missions and hunger alleviation programs in Nigeria, my country of birth. In 2017, I also volunteered as the Social Media team lead for a Non-profit organization in Nigeria focused on education of girls and empowerment of young women. As the leader, I developed strategies to build their online reputation and brand awareness which resulted in a significant increase in the number of women impacted by the outreach programs across the country.

My involvement in my country's development distinguished me alongside 49 graduates across Nigeria as a scholarship recipient for a one-week Venture in Management Program at Lagos Business School. An experience that was intellectually stimulating and empowering.

I believe my career achievements, community work thus far and dedication to channeling my unique personality and strengths towards making a difference makes me a deserving student for this scholarship.

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