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'I studied Economics-Accounting' - statement of purpose for scholarship

imeldamf 1 / 1  
Dec 16, 2011   #1
Hello guys! i am new in this forum... and im very glad to join u all here...anyway, this is my third year of trying to get a postgraduate's scholarship...and still zero result :(

but no worries...i am still very enthusiastic to try to apply for scholarships :)) Btw, this is my latest statement of purpose for a scholarship that i want to apply in January. Feel free to give any comment and input, i'll appreciate it...thank you :) :

My name is Imelda and for 4 years I studied Economics-Accounting in xxx. At my final year in the university, I have decided that I want to continue my study to the master level because of my passion of learning and because I want to have depth knowledge in this field, regardless what kind of career I would have in the future. My academic supervisor suggested me to gain Master degree through scholarship program. So for these past 2 years, I have been working while preparing myself for applying for scholarship.

After one year working in private corporate, I resigned and start to work in a Non-Profit Company (NGO), with hope for greater opportunity to be able to continue my education through scholarship. Working in NGO enriches my knowledge and broadened my view. I have met many legal practitioners, academics and researchers who actually work for the welfare of the society and that inspired me to become a researcher too.

My organization is xxx, we are specialized in forming studies related to detention issues. When I was assigned as an Accounting Manager Assistant, I was involved in the research that enables me to visit prisons in xxx and xxx to study about Overstaying issue that later would be follow up to create a draft bill of Correctional System.

Now as a Finance Manager I am more involved in research of xxx. I am very excited with this and I believe by obtaining a Master's Degree will provide the necessary background that will help me meet new professional challenges as a researcher.

The European Master in Transnational Law and Finance to which I am interested to apply, provides curriculum that suitable with my background education and field of work. The research of xxx that we are working on, adopt many international policies and regulations. One of the main focus in this program is Monetary Policies and Financial Regulations. This issue is learned in second year at EMTLF program

If I am selected to receive Master degree in Transnational Law and Finance, I will choose topic for my postgraduate research related to Financial Regulation, because currently in xxx is being actively held Bureaucratic Reforms in various sectors which is a long-term agenda for Indonesian's government, and Financial Regulation is an important part of reform process. In my organization there is no expert in Transnational Law and Finance field, so this circumstance persuades me to apply European Master in Transnational Law and Finance under Erasmus Mundus Scholarship program.

With a solid foundation in academic theory of transnational law & finance and intensive research through EMTLF program, I am confident that I will have the skills and knowledge that enabled me to become a researcher who can contribute for development in my country.
laalinibhogadi 1 / 7  
Dec 16, 2011   #2
hello! I am new to this forum as well .all the best for your pursuit of scholarship.the bottom line is a really good one and it would be better if you narrate in much more detail your experiences at ngo and broaden the service to nation thing .one thing i have noticed in your essay is that it can be more structured than it is .i suggest you divide the essay into two parts and discuss them and later jump to the next one .because properly structured essays are more comprehensible and so more attractive.
OP imeldamf 1 / 1  
Dec 16, 2011   #3
hey laalinibhogadi! thans for ur advise...yea, i guess i need to put more details about what i do in my work. it is a bit complicated actually, because officially i work in finance dept, but also involve in research program. anyway, i will try to fix it so it would be more structured...Thanks you so much, i really appreciated ur input! cheers :)

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