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Study in communication with focus on delivering policy and/or strategic communication for the public

sharadwita 1 / 1  
Dec 24, 2021   #1
Dear community of moderators, i would like you to review my last Australia Awards essay as preparation. Thank you

1. Why did you choose your proposed course and institution*?

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I chose to continue my study in communication that focused on delivering policy and/or strategic communication for the public, then I decided to apply for a Master of Public Policy at Australia National University (ANU) because it is well-known as one of the best public policy studies in the world and enlisted Group of Eight in Australia. Based on my research, I find that master of Public Policy offers specialisation for enhancing policy process in certain areas. Therefore, I will select Policy Communication because it is relevant with my working experience and deepening policy process analysis.

In my undergraduate study, I took International Relations and joined several Model United Nations competitions. In that time, I have gained knowledge about the policy-making process, including negotiation with other parties. I used the knowledge at work for interpreting the issue and mapping related stakeholders and the constituent. However, I found that there was a disparity in the policy-making process between government and NGOs roles. The problem is how we could disseminate information or policy and/or raise awareness about certain issues and divine that everyone was capable of delivering their input into the policy-making process.

Apart from this, my alternative study program is Master Global Media Communication at University of Melbourne. The study program allows me to explore more about the media's role in current and transnational politics. It also provides insight about digital communication, particularly on social media.

Lastly, the third option is Master of Communication at University of Queensland. The program has specialisation in Communication for Social Change. It is suitable for me because it promotes how to think critically and methodically in analysing the way of changing people behavior and increasing people participation in developing and implementing policy.

2. One essay topic at one time
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Dec 24, 2021   #2
You have not really responded to the question. Why these courses and why these universities? The first paragraph is almost a personal statement that does not shed proper light on the professional and academic reasons as to why you have chosen to study any sort of masters course at this time. You can open your statement with a general reference to this consideration. The next 3 paragraphs should show an insightful, rather than researched reason for choosing these universities. Your reasons for choosing the courses are practically non-existent at this point. You are not providing a professional objective for the masters choices. The reviewer does not care about the course syllabus and course description, which is all you are providing. They are interested to know about how these courses appealed to you based on your professional training needs and academic requirements for future job growth. Do not just describe the courses, apply these to your professional needs in terms of future application and job growth.

You cannot use the university placement as a reason for choosing a university. The reasons must be based on personal educational considerations, work requirements and other similar considerations.
OP sharadwita 1 / 1  
Jan 1, 2022   #3
Thank you for the feedback. This is what i look for to write the strong essay

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