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Study objective for Fulbright - Master's in Organizational Leadership

Kokou 1 / 1  
Feb 16, 2019   #1

effective leadership matters

I have always believed that effective leadership is the only tool and solution which can trigger development and progressive change of an individual group, an organization or a country, ranging from the public domain to the private sectors. I have watched organizations, executive teams and individuals suffer from leadership crises, from personal behaviors, to issue such relating to accountability, integrity, management, capacity building, and lack of vision and plan. Many institution and personalities have crumbled due to lack of visionary leadership, due to lack of ethical leadership and the worst part of this phenomenon, is that half of the Togolese youths lack professional skills, leadership qualities and talents that can renovate them and make them efficient and competent for the current job market and face global leadership challenges. For such reasons, and regarding to my impulse for inspiring others to do more, driving results while engaging others, boosting capacity and talent at the grassroot level and in organizations, I want to study a master program in organizational Leadership, with a concentration in training and development, where I will develop and learn leadership theories development strategies and learn how to implement changes in order to guide successful organizations and individuals. I wish to study course programs like: organization productivity, change leadership, psychology of motivation, talent development, managerial effectiveness, innovation and strategy, cultural competence and leadership, cooperate training and ethical leadership. which will not only pave way to my long yarning career goal, which is to enhance people's capacity, transforming people to achieve more resourceful result in all sphere of life and preparing the next generation of leaders in Togo and in a global competitive world of excellence, but will also help my country in solving most leadership problems that have been hindering development in the public domain, institutions and among ordinary citizens . Starting from my high school days till university, I have deemed it necessary, to inspire, maximize personal performance in different areas and instill a sense of responsibility in people, I have been able to work with a wide range of students and have organized countless seminars and mentoring sections which have increased capacity and have gained lasting results. I also think, being in the field of humanity and having studied literature, have made me understand the importance of developing the human resources and capital and helping people to lead and make decision for themselves and for others with a specific vision of attaining targeted goals for the benefit of all. Working at different position as a leader and teacher, have given me more on what boosting performance, working with a huge number of teams and knowing their needs, has also made me understand the difficulties in leading people and how to find solutions to it. As stated, studying a master's program in organizational Leadership with a focus in training and development, fits in with my future objectives which is not only to occupy leadership position in the public domain and enhance performance but also to boost capacity of thousands of the Togolese through intensive training, through seminars, through skills acquisition, talent development, work with many government officials and business personnel, civil servants, school administrations to create a performative and innovative working environment which will bring about development in my country Togo and solve leadership and managerial problems.

One topic at once only

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,132 3268  
Feb 17, 2019   #2
Kokou, I do not know what you have written here but this is definitely not a study objective for a scholarship as highly important as a Fulbright Scholarship. You cannot use any part of this random discussion as it does not contain any reference to a study objective that will be of value to the application. This is only the random musings of a person interested in studying abroad, it does not fulfill the requirements of the study objective essay at all.

The study objective essay has a specific set of information requirements that were supplied to you beforehand. Those are the topics that should be contained in the 2 page presentation. It is a master thesis proposal that should explain the following information:

1. What is your project all about? How does your proposal relate to the Fulbright objectives regarding international relationships between students and countries?
2. What is your personal reason behind this project? Do you have any idea whom you wish to work with at a specific university? If so, why?

3. What is the projected Date of Completion for your project?
4. Where and will you be conducting the research? Why does it have to specifically be completed in a particular country (not necessarily the U.S.)?

At this point of the presentation, you should focus on the methodology of your research along with its accompanying research goals. It has to justify an end result of academic and professional application on your part. Make the project sound like it can realistically be completed. Then consider presenting information regarding:

1. Who will the host country be?
2. What sort of support can you expect from your host country for the project? Do you see them as being helpful towards it completion? Explain why.

3. In the event that the research will require a tremendous amount of travel time and locating of subjects, how do you plan to source and finance this aspect of your research?

The above information will help you better draft a 2 page version of your response. Do not just write for the sake of writing, even if it does not apply to the essay requirements as you did in this essay. You must focus on the requirements of the essay and deliver the information that will make you competitive. The current essay you have will get you removed from consideration.

Write a new essay based on serious thought and discussion outlines in relation to the questions I am asking you. The responses will result in a more useful draft essay for your application.

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