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Study in the UK is one of big dreams for all who aspire to develop himself or build a great career

amany shaheen 2 / 1  
Nov 4, 2016   #1
It's really hard write strong essay ,pleese help and advice me

study in the UK is one of the big dreams for all who aspire to develop himself or build a great and successful career.
Education in Britain has proven himself for many years, and it is wonderful study experience Which gives students the opportunity to be exposed to unique experiences

Since the beginning of my work in the field of marketing, I'm trying to develop my experience and to expand my knowledge in this area to get important position. In addition to achieving my goals for short and long-term where I have a professional clear plan for the future.

So I choose marketing with management course to complete my studying master degree which matching with my previous experience and career plan.

The three universities that I have been selected give a positive difference in the marketing and real business world.
First, I choose University of Essex which is top 10 for student satisfaction in NSS 2016 . as an international student that encourages me to join the University with the confidence that I will receive total support and good help in adapting to university life there,

MSc Marketing Management at Essex Business School, judged a top 20 UK business school and university allow networking opportunities with visiting businesses which is a real opportunity to gain experience through these visits,also the course include marketing principles and digital marketing that are important topics to make you able then to understand the challenges faced by marketers that will help me in the long term to build my own business.

My second choice is Coventry university which is the Modern University year for three times by the Times Good University Guide
the Msc Marketing Management in the university provide a recommendations for strategic development and brand strategies, as well as elective topics, including e-marketing and services marketing , Furthermore it allows to student option of enrolling to the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing while studying. It is a great opportunity to exit the university with professional marketing certificate to help me Offering training for those interested in marketing through universities and institutions, and it is one of my goals I want to achieve.

The third choice is the University of Chester Which includes thousands of students from all over the world. Msc Marketing Management course offers essential material like brand management, and international and digital marketing. The study in this university combines academic study with practical applications so i will have a great opportunity to understand the mechanisms of Management and Marketing which will help me achieve my goals in the short term to be director of marketing.

I believe that the course i have selected in the three universities is the correct choice and the rich ground that will provide me with all skills and knowledge required to achieve what it started .It is a choice that will help me deeply to expand in the world of marketing and management, which will reflect a bright future career plans

Malek 3 / 13 4  
Nov 4, 2016   #2
@amany shaheen
my suggestion that no need to give details about the three selected courses, just mention the university and what course are you planning to attend
Holt - / 7,546 2001  
Nov 5, 2016   #3
Amany, there is a lack of connection between your previous academic and professional experience and your choice of courses. Keep in mind that the prompt requires you to justify your choices based upon how the completion of said courses will help you advance your career. So you need to either have a background that will be enhanced by the course, or you will have a need for this information in the performance of your future career. You cannot just consistently claim that you will benefit from the class lessons. You have to prove the actual professional benefit on your end.

Now, there is also a lack of representation regarding the connection of your chosen courses with the current interests of the UK in your country. Can't you find any relevant project or marketing agreement that will help make that connection clear so that your desire to study in the UK will have a solid foundation? It doesn't have to be in terms of marketing per se. It can be about trade relations or business agreements that have a connection to marketing your products in the UK and vice versa.

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