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Mar 5, 2017   #1
Dear all, i am applying for a Chinese government scholarship to study Masters in Applied Economics. one of the requirements to submit a study plan essay. Please help me to make the essay hit the nail on the head and get me that interview!! Thank you in advance. (PS: the 'XXX' are either the name of my country or my GPA.)

Academic Background

My name is xxxx, a 23 year old lady from xxx. I hold a Bachelor of Social Science degree with a major in Economics and a minor in Psychology. I successfully completed my undergraduate studies in October 2015 at the University of xxxx, xxxx. I graduated with a GPA of xxx out of 4.0. My interest in economics was ignited in 2010 during first year of study of social sciences. Immediately I realized how crucial the field is to developing countries like xxxx. Among many issues, it is stipulated that most African economies are underdeveloped because of it is common to adopt policies that work for other countries instead of formulating policies that are specifically tailored for the specified African economy. For this reason my main goal is to deepen my understanding and knowledge in Applied Economics which will build a solid foundation for me to partake in ground breaking research that will have significant policy implications to the xxxx economy.

In my pursuit of my undergraduate degree I studied various courses of Economics, the main courses include Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, Development Economics, International Economics, Public Finance, Corporate Finance, Environmental Economics, Health Economics, Quantitative methods and Econometrics. In my final year I conducted research on the Impacts of trade openness on Inflation rates in xxxx using Auto Regressive Distributive Lags model for analysis. The study revealed that the relationship between trade openness and inflation rates in xxx is a negative one, in other words the more xxxxx opens up to trade the more general prices increase. This could be because xxxx is a landlocked country and because the country is a largely importing economy. In a nutshell, the research findings were inconsistent with one of the most celebrated propositions found in international trade; the proposition that trade liberalization is associated with lower prices, that protectionism in trade is inflationary.

In addition as a student, I loved to step out of my studies by joining the ladies basket ball team and learning the art of Tai-chi as a form of meditation. I also took up leadership roles in small organizations on campus in order to polish my leadership skills but it is not enough that is why I am constantly seeking opportunities that will prepare me for influential leadership roles in the near future. Personally I am an adventurous person who loves visiting and fitting into new environments. I enjoy meeting new people of diverse cultures because the experiences polish my interpersonal and communication skills which I believe are the main things that contribute to my growth as a social person.

After graduation I secured a job as a monitoring and evaluation assistant at xxxxxx, the job is mainly centered on statistical skills as data management and design of research tools is crucial to the job. The job has helped me build practical skills in quantitative research.

Study Plan in China:

After completion of my master's studies I hope to be able to take part in maximizing my country's economic research in such fields to benefit its policy formulation and adjustments. This will contribute to a sound economy that will in turn improve the poor living standards of the xxxxan people. I believe that this Masters Program will provide me with a solid understanding of the fundamental tools of economic analysis that are employed to conduct rigorous research of economic issues and economic policies. I hope that I can gain more experience in dealing with situations, people, and demands which will be of a great help in my future career.

Economic analysis, both theoretical and empirical, can generate important insights into individual and aggregate behavior and relationships, and help in society's efforts to use scarce resources in a more efficient manner for the sake of development. Such knowledge and skills will enable me to attempt to explore some of the economic challenges peculiar to some of the poorest countries in the world. By acquiring such skills, I will have the opportunity to apply the tools of economic analysis to the problems and challenges facing xxxx, and to begin to understand why my country has not been able to go through a process of economic and human development.

Reasons to study in China:

China's heavy investment in education has resulted in provision of high quality education and its universities have high reputation which makes a great aspiration to the students and professionals for the better career perspectives. As someone whose sole interest lies in Economics, China being an economic powerhouse provides the perfect environment for the study and research in Applied Economics. China will provide me an opportunity to meet imminent researchers in this field and to be part of its research community will allow me to acquire invaluable transferable skills which I can tailor and apply in my country.

China as a country is also iconic to me due to the bilateral relations it has with xxxx. The fact that China is promoting trade and peace with xxx makes it a comfortable destination to pursue a Masters degree in Applied Economics.

In addition, of great interest to me is China's diverse, vibrant and well preserved culture. It would be honorable to learn and live the norms and values of the Chinese people as well as appreciate the great cuisines of China.

In conclusion, I am looking forward to your favorable consideration and I look forward to your reply.

Peaches07 5 / 20 6  
Mar 5, 2017   #2

I am sure you will pretty much nail it given what you have written! I am sure of the requirement but from the KGSP scholarship I am interested in, we are to write a page of self - introduction letter and two pages of 10 size times new roman. Your essay has covered much of this but very short indeed. If this is not the case with your Chinese Scholarship then ignore my thoughts on these. More highlights on how your work would be carried out may be helpful.

Good Luck!!!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,529 3445  
Mar 6, 2017   #3
Kwhima, since you are asking for advice regarding your study plan in China, there was no need for you to post your academic background and your reasons to study in China. Those are not required information for a study plan. By the way, I need you clarify if this is a simple "study plan" or a "post stud plan" that you are trying to write. The reason that I am asking is because you titled it a "study plan' but the information contained in the statement is a "post study plan".

A study plan explains your actions regarding research and studies you will be undertaking during your tenure as a masters degree student. A post study plan explains what you plan to do with the information you received as a student in the development of your career. So which one is it? I need to be clear on which type of study plan you are developing so that I can properly review, assess, and advise you regarding your content.

Since you are specifically asking for advice regarding your study plan, I will ignore the other parts that you posted because those are not related to the essay that you asking us to help you develop. What I feel you should know at this point though, is that regardless of whether you are writing a "study plan" or a "post study plan", the statement needs to cover a full page of information, unless a word requirement is indicated for the response. Kindly clarify all of the problems with your essay instructions at the moment so that we can proceed with the analysis of your essay. Clarify:

1. The type of study plan
2. The instructions for its development (regarding word count or page requirement)
digaprasiska 10 / 27 6  
Mar 6, 2017   #4
Hi mwabi,..

Your study plan, I think it isn't study plan.
After completion of my master's studies I hope to be able to take part in maximizing my country's economic research in such fields to benefit its policy formulation and adjustments.

You should write about what will you do when you study in China. Better if you contain the plan about what will you completing at the specific timeline.
rsydnd 2 / 7  
Mar 7, 2017   #5
Mwabi, I think you should elaborate more in your study plain, put detail on your research plan would make it better than